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Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event prices anger fans

Apex Legends' Collection Events are often seen as exploitative by the community

Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans are already annoyed at the Anniversary Collection Event – and it isn’t even expected to kick off until February 9. The event is a celebration of two years of Apex Legends – the developers told The Loadout that they had “no regrets” in the game’s two year lifespan, but fans might see things differently.

Collection Events are a regular occurrence in Apex Legends, and involve opening special Collection Event Packs in order to unlock limited edition skins. In previous events, players were able to unlock specific skins using Apex Coins – either for legends or weapons – or pay slightly less Apex Coins for a random skin from the event. In this iteration, if you collect all 24 items, you will be rewarded with 150 heirloom shards – and therefore a free pick of the existing heirlooms.

All cosmetics in the event will be Epic or Legendary quality, but fans are describing it as a cash grab by EA. Just two of the Collection Event Packs will be available through challenges, and the rest must be bought with Apex Coins, the battle royale game’s premium currency.

Based on previous events, it seems that the Collection Events Packs will cost 700 Apex Coins. Therefore, without taking into account any bundles that may crop up, 22 packs will set you back 15,400 premium coins – you’ll have to grab the other two via the challenges that Respawn has confirmed.

We’ve worked out that 15,400 Apex Coins will set you back around US$141.85 (about £103.97) in the cheapest reckoning. You can achieve this by grabbing a bundle of 11,500 coins plus bundles of 2,150 and 1,000 respectively. An EA Play subscription should net you a 10% discount on the premium purchases, but that still adds up to nearly a hundred and fifty bucks to get your hands on an heirloom.

With a lovely new skin for the newest character in Apex Legends, Fuse, this will undoubtedly be a tempting event for many players. However, fans are getting fed up with expensive events as the only realistic ways of getting their hands on a coveted heirloom.