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Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 map reworks include Border, Favela, and Outback

We're also getting operators from Ireland, Croatia, and from an indigenous North American background

An aerial shot of Rainbow Six Siege map Outback

Year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege promises to be a big one, and it’s already kicked off with the reveal of not only Operation Crimson Heist, but also a look at what players can expect throughout the next 12 months.

Included in Ubisoft’s Future of Siege presentation was the Year 6 roadmap, outlining the new operators and map reworks players can expect with each of the four seasons. As we all now know from its big reveal, Operation Crimson Heist’s Flores is the new Argentinian operator for Season 1, and Border is the map that has received a makeover.

In Season 2, we will be getting a new operator with an interesting background. This operator will originate from the Nakoda, an indigenous people from North America, mainly in western Canada. The design and lore of this operator is certainly going to be exciting to see. Season 2 will also see a casual map, Favela, receive a rework.

In Season 3, we will get a Croatian operator. Ubisoft will be taking a different approach in the amp department though, as no single map will be put under the spotlight. Instead, small tweaks to a number of maps will be made for Season 3.

Finally, in Season 4, our new operator will hail from Ireland, while Outback will be getting a map rework.

In Year 6, all of these new operators will be available on day one of a new season for those that buy that season’s Battle Pass. Not only will the new operator be unlocked at level one, but so will their exclusive headgear uniform, giving players a real incentive to invest in that season’s Battle Pass.