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How to evolve Inkay in Pokémon GO

The Inkay evolution process might be a little topsy-turvy, so here's what we know about getting your hands on Malamar

Inkay, a small squid-like Pokémon, levitates over a muddy path through a green field

As Pokémon GO rolls out more Pokémon from the sixth generation of games, Pokémon X & Y, many players are wondering how developer Niantic will incorporate the adorable squid Inkay, and how to evolve Inkay into Malamar. While we don’t expect Malamar to rival the best Pokémon in Pokémon GO, it certainly has a niche usefulness in the main series games, and will undoubtedly cause havoc in PvP battles.

The Inkay evolution process is entirely unique in the main series games, as it involves turning your console upside down when you reach level 30. Obviously your Switch has to be in handheld mode to do this in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but will this translate to the mobile game?

Some players were disappointed with Shedinja’s entrance into Pokémon GO, as its unique evolution mechanic in the main series games was simply ignored in favour of introducing it as a Field Research Breakthrough reward. However, we’ve gathered everything we know about Inkay in Pokémon GO, including where to catch it and how to evolve it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the topsy-turvy squid:

Where to catch Inkay in Pokémon GO

Inkay is not currently available in Pokémon GO, but datamines have revealed that it is coming soon. As Generation 6 Pokémon continue to be released, we expect to see Inkay in the near future.

When it arrives, its Dark/Psychic typing would suggest that it would be commonly found at nighttime. However, recent Pokémon GO additions such as Scrafty and Frillish have first been made available as GO Battle League rewards before spawning in the overworld, so this could also be an option.

However, the Inkay evolution process could be a little more complicated.

How to evolve Inkay in Pokémon GO

Datamines have revealed that, once it is released, players will be able to evolve Inkay by turning their phone upside-down. We expect there will be a candy requirement also, and would estimate that 50 Inkay candy will be sufficient.

It’s worth noting that datamines are not set in stone and any game mechanics or additions are subject to change. As soon as we know how to evolve Inkay for sure, we’ll update this guide with the requirements.

That’s about all there is to know about Inkay’s addition to Pokémon GO, but fans are also ravenous for more information about fan favourite Eevee evolution, fairy-type Sylveon, which was also introduced in Generation 6 and will likely be added into Pokémon GO with its own unique evolution method before too long.