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PUBG Sanhok guide: The best places to drop and loot

Not sure where to start in the remastered version of this jungle battleground? Here are the best hot drops in PUBG's Sanhok map.

If you’re coming back PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds after a very long time away, then Sanhok will look a little than you remember. Sanhok, PUBG’s luscious jungle map was remastered by the development team in 2020, changing some of your favorite drops. On the other hand, if you’re new, then PUBG’s Sanhok could be rather overwhelming, being one of the bigger maps on offer.

As part of this remaster, Bootcamp and Quarry received reworks, Docks was replaced by the Getaway and its party zone, and Ruin now looks more like a temple. Mix in the fact there are now more bridges, narrower rivers, and an armoured loot truck, and there’s a whole lot of fun to be had. So if you’re dying to get back into PUBG and explore Sanhok, but you don’t know where to drop, then we’ve got you covered in one of the best battle royale games.

Whether you want to crack open that truck or go full Rambo in the thick undergrowth, here are some of the best places to drop on remastered Sanhok that will give you the best chance of landing that delicious chicken dinner.

PUBG Sanhok drops: A player parachuting over Bootcamp in Sanhok, with another player far in the distance.


Love getting stuck in? Don’t we all. Bootcamp is still the place to go if you’re feeling feisty. Even today, the military base is chockablock full of players looking to get their hands on great weapons right away. As such, you’ll need to be quick if you plan on surviving more than 30 seconds here.

Bootcamp still has lots of little nooks and crannies for long-range engagements, but since the rework in 2020, there’s much more cover now for players to push aggressively on the ground. In the reworked version, there are also some underground areas for aggressive close-quarters combat and flanks now, so think tactically and keep moving.

PUBG Sanhok drops: A screenshot showing the overgrown Ruins in Sanhok.


Another popular hot drop, Ruins is a deadly destination – and even more so ever since the map rework. Ruins is effectively a fortress, and its sky-high buildings and confusing labyrinthine layout make it an entertaining drop for players seeking high-tier loot.

Plus, its reworked layout makes it easier for players in the surrounding area to contest with those deep within. Keep your head on a swivel if you’re dropping into Ruins.

PUBG Sanhok drops: The courtyard of Sanhok's Paradise Resort, complete with a large elephant statue to the right.

Paradise resort

Located near the centre of the map, Paradise Resort can be reached from pretty much any flight path, making it an oddly popular location at the start of a match. It wasn’t changed much with the remaster, so there’s still plenty of loot to fight over.

Just be wary of the open courtyards – they’re just as much a death trap as they were when Sanhok was introduced all those years ago.

PUBG Sanhok drops: The sprawling barracks of Sanhok's Camp Alpha, surrounded by jungle trees.

Camp Alpha/Camp Bravo

If Bootcamp is being contested by 30 different players, then one of the other military camps might be your thing. With just as much loot as Bootcamp, Camp Alpha or Camp Bravo are both viable options if your flight path is nearby.

These camps aren’t quite as defensible as its bigger brother though, so be careful when you’re moving from compound to compound.

PUBG Sanhok drops: The dusty Quarry located in the middle of Sanhok, with two trucks in a gulch on the right side, and the jungle in the distance.


Hear me out, ok? Quarry used to spawn some incredible loot but landing there on a straight flight path used to signal almost certain death. However, the new and improved Quarry in remastered Sanhok has lots more cover than its predecessor, making gunfights more competitive overall.

Those with the high ground still have the advantage, but it’s definitely more balanced than it used to be and if you’re adept at long-range fights, this is the place for you.

PUBG Sanhok drops: Sanhok's neon sign at the Party Zone, with several small buildings in the background.


This vibrant destination replaced the old docks and brought with it lots of new looting opportunities. The Getaway resort town, complete with poolside bars, a boardwalk, and a dance club might not offer as much loot as some of the other hot drop locations, but there’s enough to carry you through to the mid-game.

PUBG Sanhok drops: The narrow wooden bridge over Pai Nan in Sanhok, with several wooden buildings across the river, surrounded by jungle trees.

Pai nan

In Sanhok remastered, this riverside town is still full of loot, but it’s more dangerous than it ever was before. Since most of the rivers in Sanhok were made narrower, enemies won’t necessarily have to take to the bridges to advance on your position nowadays. If you’re confident in your shooting abilities but don’t fancy a super hot drop, then this is for you.

PUBG Sanhok drops: A player running through Sanhok's Airfield, with several glider planes and trucks parked on the airstrip.


Mongnai was replaced with an airfield in the remastered version of the Sanhok. While you won’t find much loot here, you will often find a Motor Glider, and what better reward is that? You’ll need to find some gas first, though. Nevertheless, while it’s not a great starting drop, it’s a good destination to stop by if you’re close, letting you easily reach your next stop.

PUBG Sanhok drops: A player walking through a small village in Sanhok, with another player hiding behind a large tree at the center of the location.

Unnamed areas

Some people might not be fans of hot-dropping and that’s ok. If you’re one of these players, don’t worry – there are lots of little compounds in and around Sanhok that will get you by in your quest for success.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the jungle in PUBG ranked. If you get the bug back again, remember to check out our Karakin drops guide. It’ll work wonders.