PUBG Season 8 will focus on the new and improved Sanhok

Welcome to the jungle

Sanhok has never been a massively popular map on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but PUBG Corp is hoping to change that with the game’s latest update. According to a teaser trailer released earlier today, we should be seeing the new and improved version of Sanhok in the next couple of weeks.

Sanhok’s cosmetic changes were hinted at last week when a developer account tweeted out a number of screenshots showing changes to areas of the map, including popular hot drop spot Bootcamp. Docks, by the looks of things, is also going to be replaced by a new area called the Party Zone, which has a number of buildings to zip in and out of.

While the screenshots only focused on a few select locations, it did generate quite a lot of hype among the community. The map has never been the most popular out of the five available and many have been crying out for a rework. Well, it’s finally happening and it looks like its going to be the focal point for Season 8.

In a new trailer published today, Sanhok’s new Ruins area has been teased, along with the release dates of July 22 for PC and July 30 for console. Given that other seasons in the past have focused on the new Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi, it only seems right that Sanhok’s turn has finally arrived.

So if you’re willing to jump into the jungle later this month and grind PUBG ranked, expect a new battle pass and new community missions to help you understand the lore around the game’s most divisive maps.