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CS:GO pings will no longer reveal hidden enemies

CSGO FBI on Nuke

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has just received another small update, bringing with it a number of changes to maps and the game’s ping system. Abubis, Apollo, Engage, and Frostbite have all recieved changes in the February 17 update, but it’s a ping bug that’s caught the most attention online.

That’s because, according to the patch notes, pings will “no longer highlight players.” This is to prevent pings from mistakenly revealing hidden enemies that might be lurking in a dark corner. Valve has implemented the change after one Redditor noticed you could use the pings to identify enemies who weren’t in your field of view.

In addition to this important change, a bug which incorrectly caused footstep sounds to be played on some surfaces has been squashed, which is welcome news for the more serious players working their way up the CS:GO ranks.

Several maps have also recieved changes in this latest update. The signs in Anubis have been reskinned, grenade clips have been added on A heaven to stop grenades bouncing, and the wallbang bug between double doors and CT house has been fixed.

Engage has had several visual bugs and boosts removed, Apollo has had “multiple exploits” sorted, and Frostbite has received a whole host of fixes relating to community feedback.

You can view the whole list of changes here.