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Zenless Zone Zero pre-reg hits 40 mil, unlocking huge rewards on PS5

The ZZZ pre-reg tally has topped 40 million, setting another huge milestone record for HoYoverse's PS5 RPG ahead of its July launch.

Zenless Zone Zero pre-reg 40 million PS5: the female MC with blue hair and orange accents next to the PlayStation logo

Zenless Zone Zero is less than a month away on PS5, and thanks to the collective power of 40 million weebs around the world its final pre-registration milestone has been hit. As anyone who’s played a gacha game before will tell you, points (or ZZZ pre-reg numbers) mean prizes, and developer HoYoverse has a plentitude of those in store.

With Zenless Zone Zero having broken HoYo’s pre-reg milestone record yet again, HoYo took to X to express its thanks to players for their support. It’s only been a matter of weeks since it breezed past the 35 million mark, beating out stiff competition from Kuro’s own breakout gacha-infused RPG game, Wuthering Waves.

At the time of writing, we’re sitting pretty at 40.1 million pre-registrations, ensuring all of the lovely pre-reg rewards can be hoovered up “after the official release of the game” – presumably, these will be issued on day one as was the case with Honkai Star Rail. Likewise with Star Rail, HoYo’s retained the space game’s pre-reg reward structure, offering up near-identical rewards.

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For reference, here are the ZZZ pre-reg rewards:

  • 20 Master Tapes (one of two gacha currencies, used for the standard banner)
  • Corin (playable character)
  • 30,000 Dennies (basic in-game currency used in shops)
  • 5 Boopons (an in-game item used to obtain rare Bangboo)

Though I’m sure you’ve probably signed up by now, if you haven’t… get on it! In fact, here’s a direct link to the ZZZ site so you can secure your loot right now – you can thank me later.

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