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The names of Black Ops 6 Zombies’ maps are dropping major lore hints

Prepare to slide and dive around two Black Ops 6 Zombies maps at launch, as Treyarch confirms Terminus and Liberty Falls for day one chaos.

Black Ops 6 Zombies: An image of the Terminus map in Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Zombies.

The dawn of an exciting return-to-form is on the cards for Black Ops 6 Zombies. Following the recent Xbox Games Showcase, Call of Duty developer Treyarch gives players their first taste of Black Ops 6’s next chapter of undead carnage. Not only will it continue the Dark Aether timeline with two Black Ops 6 Zombies maps on day one, but you’ll get to play them both with the game’s fresh Omnimovement system.

As Call of Duty fans, we go through the motions every year, believing that could be the FPS game entry that truly lives up to the ‘we’re so back’ mantra. In the case of Black Ops 6’s return to round-based Zombies, I fear we are indeed ‘so back’. Treyarch confirms that PS5 and Xbox players will be able to jump into the beloved multiplayer game mode at launch with the maps Terminus and Liberty Falls. The latter map was showcased during the Black Ops 6 Direct, and appears to take place in a desolate island compound, however there is more to be uncovered purely with the map’s name.

For those of you following the Dark Aether timeline that began with Black Ops Cold War, and is currently ongoing in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, Terminus Outcomes is a rival organization looking to thwart Requiem’s plans. Their primary goal is to extract Aetherium, the dangerous and unstable element mined from within the Dark Aether itself. As seen in the tantalizing new look at Zombies, it appears that Terminus Outcomes has built a massive Aetherium Canon. Let us hope we aren’t caught on the other end of it.

Black Ops 6 Zombies maps: An image of the Black Ops 6 Zombies maps list.

However, evading the threat of the undead could be the finest Call of Duty has ever felt, thanks to the aforementioned Omnimovement system. This brand-new addition to the franchise totally overhauls sprinting, sliding, and diving, giving you more flexible control over your traversal in the battlefield. In a nutshell, it is basically Max Payne gunplay amped up to 11. So yeah, that sounds incredibly rad.

Associate director Matt Scronce says that “it has really been something that changes how you think and play the game [….] we truly believe that once you experience Omnimovement, there is no going back.” With diving back in the mix, could we see PhD Flopper back in the Perk rotation too? It made an appearance in MW3 Zombies, but it just didn’t quite feel like it did back in the days of training zombies on Ascension in the first Black Ops.

Terminus will be accompanied by another map, known as Liberty Falls. Now, this map already has a mystery surrounding it. Earlier this year, I pleaded the case for TranZit making a return to COD Zombies, as this was around the same time leaks began to purport it could be on the cards for Black Ops 6. The evidence is growing stronger for TranZit’s current-gen debut, as recent theories for YouTubers like ‘MrRoflWaffles’ delve into some pretty plausible circumstances.

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Until Treyarch reveals more at the Call of Duty NEXT showcase in August, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for any and all things Zombies to keep you updated.

In related Black Ops 6 news, I spoke to MrRoflWaffles and fellow Zombies veteran ‘NoahJ456’ to get their thoughts on the future of Black Ops 6 Zombies.

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