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MultiVersus says this controversial feature is actually a bug

An unexpected MultiVersus feature will let you pay for extra lives, but Player First Games claims this is nothing more than a pesky bug.

MultiVersus Extra Lives: An image of Batman in MultiVersus holding Gleamium.

MultiVersus’ year-long hiatus is proving to be worth it, for the most part, as fans dive back into the Warner Brothers-themed PS5 and Xbox fighter. While there’s plenty of brawling bliss to enjoy, some features aren’t exactly going down a storm with players – like paying for extra lives. Apparently you might be so hopeless at obliterating Shaggy that you’ll need to shell out real money for a safety blanket of sorts, but now it is claimed this is just a bug to be dealt with.

Like most multiplayer games these days, MultiVersus isn’t shying away from microtransactions, with the usual suspects like paid outfits, emotes, and more populating the in-game store. However, a strange consumable spotted in the fighting game recently by Twitch streamer ‘CrazyNocGamer’ notes that players can use Gleamium (the game’s paid currency) to purchase extra lives in MultiVersus’ PvE based Rift Mode. The option to purchase them pops up with a dedicated screen, displaying pricing and a clear indication of what you’re coughing up your cash for. Sounds pretty intentional to me.

Well, Warner Brothers and developer Player First Games disagree. In a new statement on the game’s official X page, the studio explains that “we’d also like to let you know that the option to purchase extra lives is a bug that has been addressed and is not an intended feature in the game.” Hmm. Whether it was “intended” to appear in the game now is one thing, but the fact this feature exists in the first place doesn’t exactly bode well for future updates.

MultiVersus Extra Lives: An image of the paid Extra Lives in MultiVersus.

It’s hardly a bug, is it? If the game malfunctioned in frustrating or hilarious ways, that would be the usual outlier for a bug or a glitch. But a pre-designed feature that directly corresponds to paid items, come on now. Regardless, the feature will be unavailable in MultiVersus going forward, for now at least.

On the lighter side, Player First Games adds that it is getting ready to return the Iron Giant into the arena, after removing him for a series of tweaks. However, the grind to get Agent Smith still rages on. But if you can’t wait for this iconic Matrix villain, the MultiVersus tier list can be expanded with fighters like horror icon Jason Voorhees – and you can get him for free if you’ve played MultiVersus before.

MultiVersus Extra Lives: An image of the MultiVersus page on social media page X.

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