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MultiVersus tier list and best characters in Season 2

In our MultiVersus tier list there are different characters to suit different gameplay styles in this brawler, but only a few can reign at the top in Season 2

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Maestro Bugs Bunny and X Force Harley Quinn

Who is at the top of the MultiVersus tier list? Player First Games’ MultiVersus may have been soft launched through an open beta, but that doesn’t mean ta meta isn’t here in season 2 – and it’s going to be more than useful to know which characters are on top headed into what’s bound to be a tumultuous period for the fighter. So, with that in mind, we’ve thrown together a MultiVersus tier list that should see you winning ways in no time.

Before we dive into the bulk of this MultiVersus tier list, it’s important to note that everything that follows is based on our perspectives of characters and the strength of them currently. Patches and your own favorability of different classes may change where some characters rank for you Right now, we’re going to rank the entire MultiVersus roster in this MultiVersus tier list for Season 2 and let you know why some characters in this fighting game that are better than others.

MultiVersus tier list

Alright, without further ado, here’s what our MultiVersus tier list is looking like right now.

  • S Tier – Batman, Harley Quinn, Stripe
  • A Tier – Shaggy, Finn, Arya Stark, Jake The Dog, Bugs Bunny, Morty, Rick, Superman
  • B Tier – LeBron James, Taz, Steven Universe, Reindog, Garnet, Iron Giant, Black Adam, Tom And Jerry
  • C Tier – Wonder Woman, Gizmo, Marvin The Martian
  • D Tier – Velma

Tier S

Let’s start off by talking a little bit about the best of the best – right now, anyway.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Batman's character model


We know you expected Batman to be a top-tier character in MultiVersus, but The Dark Knight is still a force to be reckoned with even after small nerfs at the start of Season 1. His strength is down to his high mobility gained from his Bat-Grapple, which can be spammed and repeated, alongside the variety of attacks he has.

When it comes to those attacks and specials his bombs are great at disrupting enemies, while the Bat-Slide and Batarang projectiles can have the air and ground covered, while he isn’t darting about from place to place. He is incredibly versatile and can completely own an arena. Batman has become an absolute beast in brawls and we expect him to dominate well past Season 2.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Harley Quinn's character model

Harley Quinn

As an Assassin archetype character, Harley Quinn is built for landing hard-hitting blows and taking her enemies by surprise. She has access to a Stuffie Bat, which can attach to enemies and be triggered to detonate when Harley wishes, granting her ultimate control over her opponents, alongside her projectiles which she can throw behind her or place on the ground.

Her base combos as well allow you to consistently build up damage quickly while locking enemies into place and forcing them to take the mallet swings, rather than giving them the room to escape. Harley Quinn is built for brawling and a recent mix of nerfs and buffs means she is now one of the best characters in MultiVersus, although, not quite the unstoppable villain she once was.

MultiVersus Tier List: Stripe can be seen with his chainsaw


Stripe is fairly new to the roster but he is already causing absolute havoc. He has officially springboarded to the top of this MultiVersus tier list with a bunch of powerful and effective attacks as an Assassin. His sawblade projectiles are his main form of ranged attack and they are big and deadly, which makes them quite hard to avoid and helps him cover an arena.

The combination of his skateboard, gun, and other attacks also allows him to combo enemies up high, to the side of maps, or at the bottom, landing easier ringouts. All of this makes him a hard character to track and manage as his attacks are so diverse and hard to avoid. So, if you want an Assassin that can dominate like no other, check out Stripe.

Tier A

Now, onto the rest. These characters are decent, but you might find yourself losing if you don’t take advantage of their strengths.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Shaggy's character model


In MultiVersus, Shaggy really is the epitome of a brawler. He can throw punches, and sandwiches, with the best of them and there’s a lot to his character that makes him fantastic. However, even if he can use his ‘ZOINKS!’ Special to enrage himself, he has pretty much remained stagnant in the A tier since the game launched.

His flying kick special is easily abusable and can send opponents flying, especially as you can perform multiple attacks without touching the ground. His down attacks and overheads can keep opponents locked in place, while his Power Uppercut special can hit players in the air. But, despite the power of his attacks, he just doesn’t stand out in the current meta, so while he is a reliable character, he isn’t quite top-tier.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Finn the human's character model


Sword in hand, you can always count on Finn to charge into battle – and MultiVersus isn’t any different. As an Assassin archetype character, he’s a lot like Harley Quinn and Stripe in the sense that he can deal a lot of damage in the right situation.

However, a nerf at the start of Season 1 and a lack of buffs has brought his power down a fair bit and stuck him in the A tier after he reigned supreme in the S tier in the first few weeks of launch. He can no longer trap enemies with his backpack attack as easily, but he is still an annoyance if you happen to be fighting against him.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Arya Stark's character model

Arya Stark

If there’s someone you can count on to be deadly, wherever they are, it’s Arya Stark of Winterfell. Her attacks make the most of Needle – her sword – to cut through defences and deal a lot of damage. But, she is an incredibly high-skill character with a moveset that rewards learning it. Although, learning her has become substantially easier since she received a number of buffs.

Initially, she wasn’t particularly strong in the game, but a massive buff at the start of Season 1, and subsequent small tweaks means that she is now dominating the meta and you have most like fallen victim to her sword more than once. That high-skill floor though holds her back from appearing in the S tier of characters as it can be hard to get to grips with her initially and really understand the complexities of her abilities.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Jake the Dog's character model

Jake The Dogg

Jake can be an incredibly strong Bruiser character, however, he just doesn’t quite match up to his peers after recent patches. But, he is still one of the better characters in the game.

Once dominating with his ability to spam attacks and keep enemies infinitely stunned, Jake now has a more mixed approach when it comes to brawls, but we are still keeping him in the A tier as he can trap opponents quite easily.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Bugs Bunny's character model

Bugs Bunny

We didn’t think we’d be saying this, but we know how Elmer Fudd feels. Bugs Bunny is a menace in and out of MultiVersus and that makes him a really good character. Another character that excels at a distance and at close range, Bugs Bunny can surprise enemies thanks to being a Hybrid class.

With the delayed effects of his Deliver-Rocket special ability and the ability to avoid enemy attacks with ease thanks to his Bunny Burrow move, he can escape danger. And, he has a suite of powerful regular attacks as well. He has seen some nerfs, which have moved him down from the A tier, but even with those who are just getting to grips with MultiVersus will find Bugs Bunny an easy character to play.

MultiVersus tier list Morty: an image of a boy scratching his head


We know this might come as a surprise to some of you, but Morty is actually pretty good in MultiVersus – and he’s the most versatile Bruiser in the game by a long shot. With an interesting array of ranged attacks and some hard-hitting combos, the right Morty in the right hands can be a tough opponent to break down.

He is also a fairly decent support character in that he can set-up plays or help out your teammate thanks to the diverse moveset we mentioned. He is a top-skill character so you can’t just jump in and play him, but mastering Morty will reward you with a lot of victories.

MultiVersus Tier List: Rick can be seen singing


Rick has a wide variety of moves that really put him in the top spot in the game. While not quite S-tier, thanks to some nerfs after his initial launch, as he is a very tricky character to learn, Rick has a focus on horizontal attacks through melee hits and a range of tools and gadgets that can really help him dominate a stage. And, with the ability to finish off his opponents well by doubling up on attacks or combos he makes a great choice.

But, as with Morty, Rick is a very high-skill character so getting used to how he plays isn’t an easy task, especially if you are new to the game.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Superman's character model


Whether he’s a Man of Steel or not, Superman is a great character in MultiVersus – even after some pretty heavy nerfs. With multiple Armored Attacks that do extra damage and a series of Special Attacks that take full advantage of the superhuman abilities he boasts, it’s safe to say that he can pack a punch when needed and completely lock enemies into the corners of maps.

He is far less of a threat than he once was, but still a big, dangerous tank character that shouldn’t be thought of as just an easy opponent.

Tier B

Alright, now we’re getting into the rest of the roster. These characters are good, but require perfect timing and mastery to make the most of – and they’re just not quite as dominant in the current meta.

MultiVersus tier list LeBron James: an image of LeBron in Tune Squad uniform infront of a blurred image of the Training stage

LeBron James

LeBron James initially made a pretty big impact when he arrived into Multiversus, but after a few weeks and some nerfs, he hasn’t really gelled with the current meta.

His basic combos and attacks are deadly with the chance to sling opponents across the map and catch them in hitstun combos as your teammate wails on them. But his weakness when without a ball and the evasion capabilities of his attacks mean that he doesn’t quite gel well with the current focus of the game’s combat.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Taz's character model


If you were hoping Taz was mean and menacing, unfortunately, after a nerf and then a buff, and then more nerfs, he is sitting somewhere in the middle. This Looney Tunes character is a Bruiser archetype character for a reason – he can barrel through enemies with ease and hit hard both up close and from a distance. He can also turn enemies into cooked chicken with his Bottomless Pit Passive Ability, which also allows him to heal.

But, his abilities and specials aren’t quite as strong as they could be and that leaves him open to attack or being vulnerable. He still has some key strengths, but they aren’t enough to push him into the top tier when it comes to the full roster and generally you can do much better with other characters.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Steven Universe's character model

Steven Universe

With the ability to conjure bubbles and shields, which they can use as additional platforms, Steven Universe is an interesting character in MultiVersus – and one that hasn’t ever broken out of the tier they are still stuck in. They’re a fantastic Support archetype character that can provide additional armour for allies and deflect projectiles using their bubbles to trap enemies and shields to boost allies.

But, those perks really are a tradeoff for the damage output Steven has, which is minimal and their manoeuvrability isn’t great and that is key to succeeding in matches right now. Steven hasn’t changed much since the game launched and he still sits in the middle of the pack.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Reindog's character model


Easily one of the most adorable characters on the roster, Reindog is another Support character who has floated in between the worst and mid-tier of characters.

While he is a bigger target than some characters, his special attacks do provide some incredibly valuable perks like damaging enemies repeatedly and electrifying them. But, in the current state of the game, damage is the key to winning and Reindog just isn’t able to offer that in the way some other characters can.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Garnet's character model


Much like Steven, Garnet is a great character if you’re into Steven Universe. However, we found them to be one of the more sluggish Bruiser archetype characters in MultiVersus and that slow movement holds them back from the top of this list. However, a number of buffs have helped her drastically move up from the lower tiers.

If you’re looking for someone who can hit hard, you’ll find that here – but, you need to time your dodging well if you want to avoid being hit and the extra buffs she gets from her Rhythm just don’t quite fit into the current meta.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Iron Giant's character model

Iron Giant

Iron Giant, welcome to the big leagues. After spending months at the bottom of the list, in the current damage-focused meta, he is a force to be reckoned with. Able to pummel enemies in a way that no other fighter can, his high health means he can soak up damage and survive for a long time.

While his mobility lets him down, which is also key in the current state of the game, the simple fact is Iron Giant is one of the most capable damage-dealers on the roster.

MultiVersus Tier List: Black Adam can be seen

Black Adam

As a Bruiser, Black Adam right now isn’t able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman, Batman, or Harley Quinn. Despite having some strong attacks, which is natural as a Bruiser, he doesn’t quite offer the flexibility or overall strength that we have seen with other characters.

He is definitely a character that can net you some wins in brawls, but he falls into the middle of the pack right now. He isn’t quite able to outshine other characters with a lack of diversity in his overall moveset and that one attack or combo that allows him to say “you can’t do this with another character”.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Tom and Jerry's character model

Tom And Jerry

With Tom and Jerry, you get two for the price of one, really. Specialising in ranged moves, Tom and Jerry is a solid character to pick if you struggle to dodge attacks in the thick of a fight. This is a high-skill character when you take into consideration how much Jerry’s placement can help make the most out of Tom’s Special Attacks.

But, their reliance on specials and needing to bounce projectiles between Tom and Jerry make them hard to really master. But, some buffs have helped the duo move up the list and become more prevalent in the current state of the game.

Tier C

Tier 4 gets into the characters that have more significant problems in MultiVersus that hold them back from really shining.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Wonder Woman's character model

Wonder Woman

Initially, Wonder Woman really felt like an uninspired character as she didn’t fit into the meta. However, a buff in Season 1 has given her a bit more of a personality in fights. But, she still hasn’t really found a spot as either the worst or best character in the game.

Her abilities and buffs help her support her team better now and her attacks have become more powerful, which allows her to actually fight and support her team, as Tanks should be able to do. But, generally, like with most characters in this tier, she doesn’t have much of a role in matches and a lot of what she can do can be done better with other characters.

MultiVersus tier list Gizmo: an image of a gremlin waving


We know this is harsh, but MultiVersus’ Gizmo is just a bit of a gremlin right now. He’s fun to play as, sure, but he hasn’t made much of a mark on the game.

His collection of abilities and attacks feel mostly out of place when you look at what is strong right now. He is very situational and relies on his tools to see him to success and in a game focused on mobility, that just doesn’t allow him to be a must-pick character.

MultiVersus Tier List: Marvin can be seen

Marvin The Martian

As with a lot of the post-beta release characters, Marvin The Martian has not emerged in a top tier spot. Thanks to his class he does have a wide variety of attacks, but none of them are really bringing him into the spotlight.

The potential is there for him to really succeed with some strong targeting, stage control, and unpredictability. But, as it stands right now, Marvin just isn’t quite making an impact in the MultiVersus arena.

Tier D

Tier 5 is the characters who really shouldn’t be played either due to their moveset or the fact that they have bigger problems right now.

MultiVersus tier list: an image of Velma's character model


Velma mains, we are sorry. Season 1 brought a pretty massive nerf to the character that has crippled any strength she had in the meta and she hasn’t recovered since.

Almost all of her attacks now have longer recovery times and her specials offer fewer debuffs or buffs, with less grey health, Weakened stacks, or manoeuvrability. As such, she now has fallen off a cliff edge and it’s going to be hard for her to get back to being a top-tier support, let alone a top-tier character. Some pro Velma players can still do well with her, but she definitely isn’t someone who you can rely on to see you to a win.

Well, there it is… a full MultiVersus tier list. Of course, we should reiterate that this is our opinion based on the gameplay. It’s going to change over time, so be sure to keep checking back as new characters are added and tweaks are implemented. However, if you’re a beginner, this should help you decide who to check out first.