MultiVersus best perks for Batman

Are you looking for the best perks for Batman in MultiVersus? Here are our suggestions for which ones should really be equipped on the caped crusader

MultiVersus Batman Best Perks: Batman can be seen in the menu

Are you looking for the best perks for Batman in MultiVersus? The caped crusader has quickly emerged as a highly mobile, flexible, and powerful character in MultiVersus. So, as Batman has his key strengths currently, this article will cover what build you really should be running with him.

Batman is doing pretty well in the rankings in our MultiVersus tier list and it is pretty clear that he will be a staple of many team compositions in the coming months as players learn the game and get to grips with everything it has to offer.

So, if you truly want to master Batman and save Gotham, er sorry the multiverse, then be sure to continue reading below. You can find our recommendations for the best perks for Batman in MultiVersus for both the signature perk slot and regular perk slots!

MultiVersus Best Perks For Batman

When it comes to playing Batman, you really want to highlight his flexibility, so here are the best perks for Batman in MultiVersus:

  • Signature Perks: Bouncerang
  • Perk Slot 1: Aerial Acrobat
  • Perk Slot 2: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down
  • Perk Slot 3: That’s (Not) All, Folks!


Our signature perk choice is Bouncerang, which applies the maximum stacks of weakened on opponents when your Batarang returns to you. This is super handy and really allows you to follow up that hit with a powerful combo.

It is also a great team buff as if you aren’t near that enemy, communicating with your ally can allow them to follow up and attack that weakened enemy.

Aerial Acrobat

Although a rather simple perk, Aerial Acrobat lends itself to Batman’s mobility strengths allowing your team to have increased air acceleration. This enables them to chase down enemies faster or perhaps get closer to you to combo hitstun your opponent.

It is one of the more specialist regular perks, but Batman is one of the best characters to use it on due to his moveset favouring high mobility on a stage.

Hit ‘Em While They’re Down

Our first Offence perk choice is Hit ‘Em While They’re Down which gives your team increased damage against rebuffed enemies.

Synergy is the name of the game between this perk and our chosen signature perk for Batman, as the two work in tandem. It is also best to pair Batman with a Mage or Support who can cast those debuffed spells on enemies.

That’s (Not) All Folks!

Our final perk choice is a helpful one as ringing out enemies while near the blast zone pushed you back towards the centre of the map.

This perk is really useful as Batman’s grapple can often take you to the edges of the map and if you land a combo or hit on an enemy near the edge, you can get back to the centre easier. You won’t have to rely on your dodging and jumping skills as much and it grants you a bit of certainty when playing as Batman.

So, there you have our recommendations for the best perks for Batman in MultiVersus. If you are really trying to master the character, check out our list of the Batman combos in MultiVersus and our guide to the ranked mode and how to climb the MultiVersus ranks.