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MultiVersus best perks for Garnet

Are you attempting to learn Garnet in MultiVersus? Here are our recommendations for the best perks for Ganet in MultiVersus so you can succeed with the Bruiser

MultiVersus Garnet Best Perks: Garnet can be seen in the menu

Garnet is a unique Bruiser in MultiVersus in that they blend that high damage with some extra buffs and bonuses reminiscent of a Support. Due to that unique movest, you will need a good build to succeed with them if trying out the ranked mode and climbing the MultiVersus ranks. So, this article will give you our suggestions for the best perks for Garnet in MultiVersus.

As a horizontal character, Garnet has access to a mechanic called Rhythm which can boost their speed and power. And, to really succeed you will want to use Rhythm well and dominate the ground in a fight. As such, our suggestions for the best perks for Garnet in MultiVersus revolve around that play style.

So, continue reading to find out what we suggest you should equip in Garnet’s regular perks lots and their signature perk slot.

MultiVersus best perks for Garnet

Garnet has a lot of flexibility, working with attacks focused at the melee range and long range, so the perk choices emphasise that flexibility! Our best perk suggestions for Garnet in MultiVersus are as follows:

  • Signature Perk: Electric Groove
  • Perk Slot 1: Percussive Punch Power
  • Perk Slot 2: Speed Force Assist
  • Perk Slot 3: Static Electricity

Electric GRoove

Garnet is one of the more specialized Bruisers in the class, and Electric Groove reflects that as it applies shock to attacks on enemies as Garnet or your ally is granted stacks of Rhythm.

Rhythm is given when Garnet uses their singing barrier, which is one of their stronger defensive attacks. Rhythm then gives all characters a speed boost and an armour break boost on melee attacks with 1 or 2 stacks respectively. So, adding an extra buff to that by powering up your attacks is a significant boost that can make Garnet a pain for your opponents to deal with.

Percussive Punch Power

Our first perk choice is Percussive Punch Power. This is a good perk for most characters that are horizontal-based, but Garnet has a number of horizontal attacks that can be increased in damage with this perk.

Their powerful hits can become even stronger really boosting their ability to land ringouts.

Speed Force Assist

Speed Force Assist works in tandem with the Electric Groove signature perk. This boosts your movement speed which when paired with the first stack of Garnet’s Rhythm, can really up your mobility in a brawl.

This perk is best used when paired alongside your ally also running it to really negate some of the slow movements Garnet comes with as a Bruiser.

Static Electricity

Static Electricity also works in conjunction with Electric Groove. This applies shock to your team’s next projectile after allies are on the ground for four seconds. While it does require you to be on the ground, the added shock damage can build alongside what is offered with Electric Groove.

And, Garnet is best utilised on the ground so you will want to be there anyway, so why not give your projectiles a buff at the same time?

So there you have it, our recommendations when it comes to the best perks for Garnet in MultiVersus. If you want to try and make the best use of them, despite Garnet’s place on our tier list fluctuating, you will also want to dive into Garnet’s combos.