MultiVersus how to play and unlock ranked mode?

Are you hopping into MultiVersus but want a more competitive experience? Here is how to play ranked in MultiVersus so you can begin climing the ranks

MultiVersus How To Play Ranked: Wonder Woman can be seen launching Garnet off the stage

If you are getting started in the open beta for MultiVersus, you are probably keen to begin working on improving your skills, especially if you are using one of the best characters in the game. The easiest way to challenge yourself is to play ranked mode in MultiVersus. But, right now how do you play and unlock ranked mode in MultiVersus?

Well, right now the game is still in open beta so features and additions aren’t fully available or unlocked as they will be when the full launch of the game happens. So, that is why questions about how to play and unlock ranked mode in MultiVersus are swirling through the community. But, this article should help answer those questions.

Read on below for the answer to those questions and an overview of everything we know about the brawler’s competitive mode right now.

MultiVersus How To Play and unlock Ranked Mode?

Unfortunately, the ranked mode in MultiVersus is not available yet. The option in the game is greyed out which means you cannot select it.

Although Season 1 has begun, the ranked mode will seemingly launch later in the season as it isn’t available right now.

MultiVersus Ranks: The roadmap snapshot of MultiVersus season 1 can be seen.

When the ranked mode is detailed, all your questions should be answered, including what the ranks system will look like. Player First Games should also detail how matchmaking will work and if crossplay will be enabled, as well. Hopefully, the details of this mode will help solidify MultiVersus in our best fighting games list.

So, for more on the game now that you know why you cannot play and unlock ranked mode in MultiVersus, check out everything to know about MultiVersus split-screen and the different MultiVersus game modes.