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Is MultiVersus split-screen and can you play couch co-op?

Playing MultiVersus and want to know if you can play locally? Here is the answer to the question is MultiVersus split-screen and can you play couch co-op?

Is MultiVersus Split Screen: Buggs Bunny can be seen hitting Finn

MultiVersus has a lot of different modes and game types that you can play online. 1v1, 2v2, free for all, and more are all available, but not everyone wants to be stomped online. You might prefer local play with your friends and as such want to know if MultiVersus is split-screen and lets you play couch co-op.

Local Play has its perks in that you are playing with people in the same room and it is especially fun for game nights or parties, as you can all huddle around the TV. And, with the brands in MultiVersus, everyone will likely have their favourite character that they will want to play.

Well, thankfully there is good news if locally is how you primarily want to play, so be sure to read on below to see if MultiVersus split-screen is real and whether the game will let you play couch co-op.

Is MultiVersus split-screen?

MultiVersus doesn’t technically have split-screen functionality as matches are played on one stage, so everyone can see their character at the same time. However, the fighter does support local play across modes, which means that you can play couch co-op with your friends in the same room.

In order to take part in those local couch co-op games, you will need to select the custom tab from the menu and choose local play. From here, everyone can pick their favourite characters and begin brawling!

MultiVersus Split Screen: The local lobby screen can be seen

This local play support is available for 1v1, 2v2, and free for all game modes in MultiVersus so there are a lot of options for how you want to play with your friends now that the game is in open beta and available for everyone!

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