MultiVersus best perks for Velma

Are you looking for the best perks for Velma in MultiVersus so you can truly master the character and hold your own? Here are our suggestions

MultiVersus Velma Best Perks: Velma can be seen in the menu

Velma is still finding her feet within the group of MultiVersus characters in the roster. She isn’t quite making the top spots in our MultiVersus tier list and she is one of the harder-to-learn characters. But, if you want to master her and potentially have her as your main, you will want to know what the best perks for Velma are in MultiVersus.

As a Support class, the bread and butter of Velma’s playstyle is using her abilities and projectiles to trap enemies, debuff them and keep the pinned to a section of the stage. This allows your ally to follow up with the combos or hard-hitting attacks that ring the opponent out.

So if you are stumped when it comes to the best perks for Velma in MultiVersus be sure to read below for our suggestions when it comes to the regular and signature slots!

MultiVersus best perks for Velma

Velma is a useful support character with a number of projectiles that make up her arsenal, so the best perks for Velma in MultiVersus focus around those projectiles:

  • Signature Perk: Studied
  • Perk Slot 1: Deadshot
  • Perk Slot 2: Shirt Cannon Sniper
  • Perk Slot 3: Ice To Beat You!


Studied is our Signature Perk slot choice and it spawns Velma with 1 piece of evidence, which is handy to have.

Evidence is one of the more unique mechanics Velma has access to, allowing her to summon a police car that seeks out the nearest enemy when her evidence bar is full. So, with this attack being so powerful, having that extra evidence should really boost Velma’s power.


As our first regular perk choice, Deadshot deals increased damage with projectiles.

As mentioned, Velma is focused on her projectiles so this buff is a welcome addition to your build, especially when partnered with another perk below. Simply put, this perk allows you to do more damage, which is not a bad thing as a weaker support character.

Shirt Cannon Sniper

Shirt Cannon Sniper works in tandem with Deadshot, dealing increased damage with projectiles to enemies who are far away.

This paired with Deadshot ensures you and your ally’s projectile game is strong and you can keep the stage locked down, especially from a horizontal perspective. Arena control is key to really succeed with Velma and this allows you to be better at it.

Ice To Beat You!

Finally ‘Ice To Beat You!’ boosts Velma’s projectiles one final time, dealing one stack of Ice if they knock enemies back. This allows you to slow your enemies at a distance or up close.

Ice can be one of the more devastating debuffs and when paired with Superman or another character who has powerful ice-dealing attacks, you can really slow your enemies to a crawl and trap them in a combo chain, or knock them back and off the stage.

So, as you can see Velma is one of the more focused ranged characters and now you know the best perks for Velma in MultiVersus you can begin climbing the ranks in ranked mode. If you want more help playing as Velma, check out our guide on the Velma combos in MultiVersus.