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MultiVersus best perks for Superman

Are you hutning for the best perks for Superman in MultiVersus? Here is how the saviour of earth can really succeed in team-based brawls

MultiVersus Superman Best Perks: Superman can be seen in the menu

Superman is once again here to save the day in MultiVersus if you don’t mind trying to fight with a heavier character. As one of the strongest Tank class characters in the game currently you will want to know the best perks for Superman in MultiVersus so you can win battles and brawls!

Despite being slower than most, Superman is capable of really pinning characters down due to his control of the airspace, while also blending attacks and specials while on the ground. As such he is the most mobile tank and one of the more flexible. This put him quite high in our MultiVersus tier list.

So, if you are looking at Superman and maybe considering maining him, you will want to know the best build. Below, you can find our suggestions for the best perks for Superman in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Best Perks For Superman

Superman is a large, tough tank in the game and therefore is all about damage and defence. Our recommendations for the best perks for Superman in MultiVersus are:

  • Signature Perk: Sniper Punch
  • Perk Slot 1: Triple Jump
  • Perk Slot 2: Wildcat Brawler
  • Perk Slot 3: Last Stand

Sniper Punch

For Superman’s signature perk, we recommend his Sniper Punch attack. As a fighter built with slow, heavy attacks in mind, this boosts your aim punch significantly and also increases its knockback potential at range.

With this perk, one of Superman’s strongest attacks becomes even better and more powerful.

Triple Jump

Superman is all about being in the air and Triple Jump helps your team maintain that aerial dominance. After landing a hit, you can get another jump, which may allow you to combo better or keep an enemy in a hitstun attack.

It may also help you evade any damage or escape a combo or powerful move from your opponents. You unlock it early, so it’s a great perk to start using from the get-go.

Wildcat Brawler

Secondly, for the regular perk slots, we recommend the Wildcat Brawler perk. The majority of Superman’s main combos involve melee attacks and when paired with other melee-focused characters the extra damage from this perk is a big boon.

This perk is best for that melee-focused team combination and Superman is best used when focusing on those attacks and blending his specials in with those moves.

Last Stand

Last Stand is our final choice for perks with Superman, as it is for any character who has access to it. The extra damage after you reach 100 damage can really change a match and the bonus is so significant that you would be silly not to run it.

The bonus to your team as well means both you and your ally can work together and hopefully claw back in a match or beat your opponents to the punch.

So, there you have the best Superman perks in MultiVersus. If you are looking to climb the MultiVerus ranks in ranked with him, then check out the key Superman combos you should learn.