MultiVersus best perks for LeBron James

Are you looking for the best LeBron James perks in MultiVersus. Here is what loadout you should be running with when rolling with the GOAT

MultiVersus LeBron James Best Perks: LeBron can be seen in the menu

LeBron has quickly emerged as one of the strongest competitors in MultiVersus and he is already ranked highly in our MultiVersus tier list. But if you are getting acquainted with him, you are likely curious about the best perks for LeBron James.

Well, thankfully this article will have those answers as we dive into his signature perks and regular perk slots with recommendations for both. So, be sure to read on below for the best perks for LeBron James in MultiVersus.

LeBron is a fascinating character with great combo potential and can work excellently with the Tank characters currently in the game. He also has some high-damage attacks that allow him to hold his own when he is forced away from his opponent. But, the core of playing him well, revolves around his basketball and using it right. Continue reading below for our perk recommendations.

MultiVersus Best Perks For LeBron James

Here are our recommendations for the best perks for LeBron James in MultiVersus:

  • Signature Perk: For Three!
  • Perk Slot 1: Make It Rain, Dog!
  • Perk Slot 2: Leg Day Champ
  • Perk Slot 3: Back To Back

For Three!

This is easily LeBron’s best signature ability as it boosts his most useful aspect as a team member. His ability to pass the basketball and use it as a weapon.

This buff means that when you or your allies hit an enemy with the ball from a distance, it will explode and deal massive amounts of damage. In addition, the hit will send your opponent flying and potentially even across the screen causing a ring-out.

Make It Rain, Dog!

Firstly, the one offence perk at LeBron’s disposal is a must-have. This perk increases your team’s projectile speed by a significant amount.

This is so valuable because you really want to be passing the ball between you and your team. So, when they throw it at enemies the ball will hit them quicker and hopeful be more effective than without the buff due to its slower travel time.

Leg Day Champ

The second perk lot should be filled with Leg Day Champ which is perfectly combined with LeBron’s passing abilities.

It boosts your team’s jump height, which is especially useful for juggling combos and hit-stun attacks that allow you or your ally to jump and finish off an enemy who has been launched into the air.

Back To Back

Back to Back is another great skill because LeBron works best when combining attacks with your team member to land combos and chain hits, hit-stunning enemies.

This perk reduces your team’s damage when you are near your ally, which will be quite often when playing as LeBron as he is a great crowd control character to bring opponents back together so you can land hits on both of them at the same time.

Now you have the best LeBron James perks in MultiVersus, why not deep dive into the combos for LeBron James so you can truly get to grips with all this Bruiser has to offer!