MultiVersus best perks for Jake

Are you looking for the best perks for Jake The Dog in MultiVersus? Here are our recomendations for what to equip when playing him

MultiVersus Jake The Dog Best Perks: Jake The Dog can be seen in the menu

Jake The Dogg is the second half of the Adventure Time duo in MultiVersus and he is just as strong and capable as his partner, Finn. However, unlike Finn’s Assassin class, Jake is all about damage and hard-hitting attacks. So, if you want to make the most of what he can do and chase the MultiVersus ranks with him, you are going to want to know what the best perks for Jake The Dog are in MultiVersus.

After, trying Jake out for a bit in-game, it will become pretty clear what his strongest abilities, attacks, ground-game potential, and combo chains are. And, the best perks for Jake in MultiVersus really complement those abilities and his strengths as a Bruiser.

So, be sure to read below for our suggestions when it comes to his regular perks and Signature Perk.

MultiVersus best perks for Jake

As a hard-hitting bruiser, here are our suggestions for the best perks for Jake The Dog in MultiVersus that should really boost his power:

  • Signature Perk: Sticky
  • Perk Slot 1: Lumpy Space Punch
  • Perk Slot 2: Second Wind Beneath Your Wings
  • Perk Slot 3: Triple Jump


Sticky is the best of Jake’s signature perk options as it really disrupts your opponents when they hit you during your stretching ability. This ability is strong as is as the attack can block enemies. But adding a stunning effect to it opens up opportunities.

You can block enemies and have them fall off the edge as they cannot respond or recover, or land a quick follow-up attack.

Lumpy Space Punch

The first regular perk we suggest is Lumpy Space Punch. This early unlockable Offence perk allows your team to deal increased damage with melee attacks while in the air.

As a Bruiser class in MultiVersus, Jake is great at launching enemies into the air and keeping them hitstunned. And, this perk really allows your attacks to combine well with your allies’ as you launch opponents into the air or across the map.

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings is another really strong part of Jake’s perk lineup. With this, your team refreshes air special attacks after ringing out an enemy.

This really helps with crowd controlling and managing the playspace. For example, if you ring out an enemy and your ally is attacking the other, they can continue their chain of a combo, or follow up after attacking with additional attacks, potentially changing the flow of a match or ending it entirely with the opportunity.

Triple Jump

Triple Jump really synergises well with Jake’s abilities and team compositions as it gives your team an extra jump after hitting an enemy.

This is really useful when trying to land hitstun attacks or combos between players, as you can easily stay in the air and juggle your opponents.

So, there you have some of the best perks for Jake The Dog in MultiVersus. And, now you have a good loadout for him, why not check out some of the combos Jake The Dog has in MultiVersus and where he ranks in our MultiVersus tier list?