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MultiVersus best perks for Taz

Are you looking for the best perks for Taz in MultiVersus. Here is what can boost his attack potential as a powerful Bruiser character

MultiVersus Taz Best Perks: Taz can be seen in the menu

Taz has already been on a rollercoaster ride in MultiVersus with some nerfs since release that has dramatically reduced his effectiveness in combat. However, he still can shine and we have collected our recommendations for the best perks for Taz in MultiVersus so you can craft the best build for him.

When Taz began his run in MultiVersus it was clear he was a top-tier character but since then he has dropped a few places in our MultiVersus tier list. But his power and strength as a Bruiser class is still present if you know how to synergise his moves and attacks with the perks available for the character.

So, if you are playing one of the best fighting games right now, MultiVersus that is, and want to learn Taz read on for our suggestions for the best Taz perks in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus best perks for Taz

Taz is focused on short combos and hard-hitting attacks that launch enemies. So, our suggestions for the best perks for Taz in MultiVersus are:

  • Signature Perk: I Gotta Get In There!
  • Perk Slot 1: Percussive Punch Power
  • Perk Slot 2: Tasmanian Trigonometry
  • Perk Slot 3: School Me Once…

I Gotta Get In There!

For Signature Perks, we suggest ‘I Gotta Get In There!’. This perk allows allies to jump into his dogpile, giving it more damage, more knockback, armor, and a longer duration, all of which are incredibly great to get as a bonus.

Taz’s dogpile is one of his stronger moves so this buff to it makes it even stronger. But, the reliance on an ally does mean that you need good communication and teamwork to really make the most of this perk.

Percussive Punch Power

The first perk recommendation for any of the Bruiser characters, including Taz is ‘Percussive Punch Power’. This perk increases damage on attacks that knock back enemies horizontally, which Taz has a lot of.

This will help you and your ally boost your damage and also launch capability on horizontal attacks, especially if you are teamed up with another horizontal character.

Tasmanian Trigonometry

Tasmanian Trigonometry gives your team a 15% increased base knockback influence. This is key to succeeding, especially with a Bruiser as it can help launch enemies and knock them into stage hazards or the environments.

Taz’s horizontal focus makes this perk a great addition to your build and the variety of attacks with Taz should ensure you are able to more consistently knock enemies back.

School Me Once…

Our final perk suggestion gives your team a projectile block buff for two seconds after being knocked back by a projectile. While very situational, this is a great perk for Taz as it stops you from getting locked down by projectile hits due to his bulkier form.

This perk is particularly strong if paired with your teammate running it as well as it doubles the length of the projectile block buff, boosting your survivability.

And those are our suggestions for the best perks for Taz in MultiVersus. If you are looking to get good with the character and climb the MultiVersus ranks, be sure to read our article on Taz’s combos which details the core chain attacks you can pull off with him.