MultiVersus best perks for Arya

Are you looking for the best perks for Arya Stark in MultiVersus? Here is what you should be running to steal the faces of your opponents

MultiVersus Arya Stark Best Perks: Arya Stark can be seen in the menu

Arya Stark is by far one of the trickiest characters in MultiVersus to learn. She has some key abilities that are tricky to get a handle of and her attacks aren’t the simplest to pull off in a hectic brawl. But, while MultiVersus might be one of the best fighting games out right now, if you want to be one of the best Arya players you will need to have the right build. And, we have our recommendations for the best perks for Arya Stark in MultiVersus.

Arya Stark really is a master of the air, dodging weaving and trapping her opponents above the main stage. From there she can either use her abilities from above or combo players to land quick and easy ring-outs.

So, to truly learn how to use her, read on below for our suggestions when it comes to the best Arya perks in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Best Perks For Arya

Arya Stark is an aerial assassin who is exceptionally strong at pinning enemies and overwhelming them while in the air. As such, these are our recommendations for the best perks for Arya in MultiVersus:

  • Signature Perk: Betrayal
  • Perk Slot 1: Leg Day Champ
  • Perk Slot 2: Second Wind Beneath Your Wings
  • Perk Slot 3: Percussive Punch Power


Betrayal is our signature perk choice. This perk really plays into Arya’s complex playstyle and her super strong attacks that revolve around her dagger.

With this buff hitting an ally with Arya’s dagger gives them an enraged buff, boosting their attack power and damage. If Arya teleports to that dagger she can enrage herself. This does come at the cost of an increased cooldown, but it really boosts her mobility beyond what it already is.

Leg Day Champ

Our first regular perk choice is Leg Day Champ. As mentioned, Arya really shines in the air, trapping enemies high up in the arena and launching them up for an easy ring-out.

And, with this perk, your team’s jump height is increased making that easier for enemies your ally or you launch into the air. It also allows you to keep combo chains better, and save yourself better if knocked to the side of the arena.

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings

If you have seen this perk before, you know why we recommend it. Arya shines in the air and this perk resets air special attacks after an opponent is rung out.

So, with this equipped, Arya can attack and trap an enemy in the air, ringing them out and then dash over to the second enemy, or combo them if they are nearby, landing another big hit string or maybe even ring out. Beyond attack possibilities, the refresh also just boosts your survivability if you are caught in a tricky spot on the side of the arena.

Percussive Punch Power

Finally, we suggest running with Percussive Punch Power. This ability boosts your damage on knockback attacks that launch enemies horizontally.

While a nice buff on its own, the majority of Arya’s combos or attacks do launch enemies horizontally so this extra damage and knockback potential is appreciated. This can change a fight if you manage to launch an enemy from the edge of a stage at low health as they just might be rung out where they wouldn’t have been without this perk equipped.

There you have it! Our recommendations for the best perks for Arya Stark in MultiVersus should help you climb the MultiVersus ranks if you head into the ranked mode with her. For more tips on using the character, read through our list of MultiVersus combos you can pull off with her.