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MultiVersus best perks for Wonder Woman

Are you keen to equip the best perks for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus? Here are some of the key perks you should use in your build for her

MultiVersus Wonder Woman Best Perks: Wonder Woman can be seen in the menu

Wonder Woman is one of the characters in MultiVersus that flies under the radar. She isn’t as flashy as her other DC roster members, but she does hold a respectable place in our MultiVersus tier list with a number of abilities that are strong and disruptive. But, to really make the most of her, you will also want to know what the best perks for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus are.

As a Tank, Wonder Woman is the main member of this class that is really focused on taking damage and protecting her ally. As such, the perks you want to use focus on those aspects of her playstyle and moveset.

So, for the best perks for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus, be sure to read below through the rest of this article our four different slot recommendations.

MultiVersus best perks for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s abilities and attacks focus on her Tank class strengths and these are our suggestions for the best perks for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus:

  • Signature Perk: Shield Of Athena
  • Perk Slot 1: Kryptonian Skin
  • Perk Slot 2: Stronger Than Ever
  • Perk Slot 3: Back To Back

Shield Of Athena

Our Signature Perk pick for Wonder Woman is the Shield of Athena. This creates a barrier that blocks enemy projectiles when you dodge. Blocking a projectile causes it to go on cooldown.

This provides you with a long-lasting defensive shield that can take a hit for you and protect you from being juggled or hit-stunned. As a Tank, the defensive ability here is far stronger than her offensive signature perks.

Kryptonian Skin

For our first regular perk pick, we are going with Kryptonian Skin. This defence perk reduces your team’s incoming damage by 4%. This is one of the simpler perks in the game, but it is really valuable if you have room for it.

Wonder Woman already has a lot of health as a Tank but this boost only increases that and is especially handy if you have a more mobile character on your team, helping their survivability.

Stronger Than Ever

Our second perk choice is Stronger Tha Ever which gives your team armour for a brief period after respawning.

This definitely isn’t the most useful of perks in the game, but it is the best fit for Wonder Woman’s playstyle and can definitely help during those initial moments after a respawn where chaos may be happening in the centre of the arena.

Back To back

Our final regular perk plays into Wonder Woman’s strength as a Tank, taking the bulk of the damage and letting her ally attack.

Back To Back does just that, reducing your damage when near an ally and Wonder Woman works best when you are close by to your teammate. By being near them, you can defend against attacks, provide defence buffs, and combo enemies alongside your ally.

So, now you have the best perks for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus, why not try to succeed with her in ranked mode using our list of Wonder Woman combos? These attack chains should ensure your survival if you pull them off.