MultiVersus best perks for Bugs Bunny

Are you looking for the best perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus? Here are the key perks you should run as the classic Looney Tunes character

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Best Perks: Bugs Bunny can be seen in the menu

Are you a Bugs Bunny player in MultiVersus, really looking to hone your build with the beloved character? Well, with the character ranking highly in our MultiVersus tier list, we’ll go over the best perks for Bugs Bunny in Multiversus so you can really make the most of his abilities and attacks.

Bugs is a powerful character that uses projectiles to cast debuffs and long-range attacks to fight from a distance. As a Mage, you don’t want to be in the middle of a brawl with Bugs, so if you are you need to dive out of there and try to fight from range.

So, if you are trying to climb the MultiVersus ranks in ranked mode with Bugs, this article is exactly what you will need. Below, you can find our suggestions for the best perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus best perks for Bugs Bunny

Bugs’ strength is in attacking from range and using the tools in his arsenal to catch enemies from a distance. As such these are the best perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus:

  • Signature Perk: Comin’ Through Doc
  • Perk Slot 1: Coffeezilla
  • Perk Slot 2: Speed Force Assist
  • Perk Slot 3: Second Wind Beneath Your Wings

Comin’ Through Doc

The best signature perk for Bugs is very clearly Comin’ Through Doc. This causes you and your allies to release a shockwave whenever Bugs leaves a tunnel.

Using Bugs well means exiting tunnels a lot, so this free, extra attack is a wonderful addition to his moveset. And, as you don’t have to set yourself up for a combo or a series of attacks, you can either use the shockwave to escape or hitstun an enemy and follow up with a combo.


The first perk we recommend in the regular slot is the excellent Coffeezilla. This perk reduces your team’s ability cooldown duration. While nice generally, it really helps with the number of specials and abilities you will be using when playing as Bugs.

As mentioned, with Bugs being one of the Mage class characters, he relies on abilities to really help him stand out and succeed so any boost to that is worth having!

Speed Force Assist

Next, we recommend Speef Force Assist, purely because the increased movement speed will help your survivability and mobility in combat and intense brawls.

With Bugs in particular, this boost will help you evade attacks and get out of intense brawls so you can attack from a range and debuff your opponents.

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings is a valuable perk to anyone who has it available as it refreshes air special attacks after ringing out an enemy.

But, with Bugs it is particularly useful. He relies so much on his specials to be effective, so being able to land more of those is incredibly important. It can change the flow of a battle and even save your teammate as they too get their air specials refreshed!

So there you have it. Now you are starting to learn the best build for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus with the best perks for him, why not check out our guide on all of Bugs Bunny’s combos in MultiVersus?