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Starfield Xbox mods arrive today as Bethesda drops surprise update

Bethesda's Creation Kit and Creations store are here, bringing your wait for Starfield mods on Xbox Series X|S to an end at long last.

Starfield Xbox mods: A split image showing a figure staring up at a giant glowing monument, and a woman in a burgundy leather jacket

While I was fully expecting a first look at Starfield’s first DLC, Shattered Space, during the Xbox Games Showcase, I didn’t expect this – Bethesda is dropping Starfield Xbox mods today with the launch of its Creation Kit and Creations storefront. Wow.

Yes, the official Starfield Creation Kit is launching today, June 9, which brings official, Bethesda-approved support to all platforms, enabling Starfield Xbox mods for the first time. Alongside the Creation Kit itself, there is also the Creations storefront where paid mods can be obtained. As such, we’re getting a new premium currency in one of the best Xbox Game Pass games: Creation Credits.

At the time of writing right after the Xbox Games Showcase, it’s currently unclear if there will also be a healthy stream of free mods too – you would seriously hope so, given this was the case in Fallout 4. But regardless, today finally marks the space game’s first mod offering for those on Xbox consoles.

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In Starfield’s new trailer – which largely focuses on the sinister-looking Shattered Space expansion, but gives brief details on today’s update at the end – we do get a first look at what the Creations store will look like, and see the first pieces of community-made content, which includes new suits, new modules for your Starfield outposts, and a collection of cute plushies depicting key characters like Vasco and Sarah Morgan.

Starfield Creations: A screenshot of the Creations store menu in Starfield

Given the gripes that some had with vanilla Starfield, today’s announcement and launch of Creations and the Creation Kit will open the RPG game up to a whole new galaxy of possibilities. We’re surprised that it’s arriving out of nowhere today with little fanfare (in comparison to Shattered Space) given how vital it will be for Starfield to remain one of the best Xbox games for years to come.

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