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The Finals deploys new World Tour update alongside some dicey nerfs

A new The Finals update pushes the World Tour into fresh territory, and Embark's latest nerfs clamp down on backstabbers and grapple fiends.

The Finals update: An image of the World Tour mode in The Finals Season 3.

With The Finals shifting its Ranked Leagues focus to Terminal Attack, the more casual approach of World Tour mode is a breath of fresh air. Before you dive in on PS5 and Xbox to compete in the OSPUZE Expo edition of Embark’s thrilling game mode, you may not be aware that this The Finals update also hits multiple weapons with nerfs that could stand between you and your next victory.

Following the recent action taken toward those grating Throwing Knives, Embark’s latest The Finals patch hones in on a Light class exploit, as the Dagger was far deadlier than intended. “[We’ve] fixed an issue where the Dagger’s secondary backstab attack could hit multiple players at once,” Embark explains. Don’t get me wrong, I love using the Dagger with the pencil skin to pretend I’m John Wick, but multiple kills with one swipe would be unfair in any FPS game.

Embark notes that the “melee weapons’ ability to hit multiple targets was a new addition, with unintended consequences. Now, we’ve refined it so that heavy-hitting attacks intended for single targets can’t be used to hit multiple people.” Despite this, in our own time with the hit multiplayer game, the Dagger is still a reliable addition to your The Finals classes – if you’re sneaky enough, that is. Medium class players are making it out of this PS5 and Xbox patch unscathed, but Heavy builds aren’t escaping Embark’s tweaks.

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Two of the most popular The Finals weapons, the SR-84 sniper rifle and the Heavy class exclusive Sledgehammer, also see the following changes alongside gadgets applied in this update:

  • Fixed an issue where the Sledgehammer’s secondary overhead swing attack could hit multiple players at once, which was unintended
  • Fixed an issue where the scope glint effect would not be shown at distances over 150m
  • Grapple Hook: Can no longer attach to surfaces that are out of bounds

  • Dome Shield: Fixed an issue where the Dome Shield would skip on or bounce off of water surfaces

If you’ve been hopping into Power Shift recently, you’ll know that almost every match is teaming with Light class players beaming you from what seems like another galaxy. It can be frustrating when you can’t locate your enemy from afar, but this will be a thing of the past now that the glint effect is fixed. With challenges like getting 5,000 points of damage from 75 meters or more appearing in the Career Circuits, I wish you best of luck grinding toward those Mastery Circuit rewards.

There is less than 90 days left of Season 3 so far, and we reckon there are still loads of surprises left up Embark’s sleeve. My initial The Finals Season 3 preview praised the update’s welcoming attitude toward new players, but I’m ready for Embark to start switching up matches with missing features like vehicles. I want nothing more than to ride through hails of destruction on a moped right now.

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