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Battlefield 2042’s sweaty new Future Strike mode leaves in 9 days

Battlefield 2042’s Future Strike mode is live now in the PS5 and Xbox shooter, but it isn’t sticking around for long in BF 2042 Season 7.

Battlefield 2042 Future Strike mode: An image of a Battlefield 2042 specialist in Future Strike mode.

We love large-scale skirmishes in Battlefield 2042, but getting up close and personal with your enemies can be just as bombastic. That’s the aim of the brand-new Future Strike game mode in BF 2042, which shrinks the action down to more intense, small-scale gunfights. It is a blast to play, but it won’t be sticking around as a permanent addition.

You only have until Monday, June 10, 2024, to play Future Strike in Battlefield 2042, according to a recent statement from EA DICE. The fiery multiplayer game mode injects another dose of adrenaline into Season 7, and relies on your ability to coordinate an efficient squad. The aim of Future Strike is simple, as it is basically Battlefield’s own way of getting some Call of Duty Search and Destroy-style action woven into the shooter. Each team needs to capture an objective on the map, or just outright eliminate the entire enemy team. The first team to win six rounds will win overall, in either 4v4 or 8v8 configurations.

However, there are a few twists and turns along the way. If you’re downed in the FPS game, you can request a revive, but the afterlife still keeps you in the action uniquely. “If they die in this downed state, redeploy as an OV-P Recon Drone and spectate their squad, providing crucial information to their teammates to secure victory,” the studio explains. It is far better than just sitting it out and watching your squad getting slaughtered. At least you can see them get obliterated while relaying vital information.

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Luckily, the good news is that each round of Future Strike resets the scales, putting everyone back into the firefight. Rounds don’t last particularly long, though, with only 90 seconds on the clock to dominate your enemies. To keep things spicy beyond the first two battles, EA DICE clarifies that every third round will result in a “shock round” to keep you on your toes – and it’ll throw away your favorite Battlefield 2042 guns.

The developer clarifies that “all players use the same locked loadout, selected from a list our developers have curated to put your adaptation skills to the test.” Furthermore, wave goodbye to a full squad of Battlefield 2024 specialists, as “squads are restricted to only one specialist in the squad and teams can see the opponent’s composition.”

It is interesting to see Battlefield 2042 go down this route gameplay wise, as rival shooters like The Finals and XDefiant are all trying their hand at incorporating Search and Destroy influenced modes into their rotation. The Finals’ Terminal Attack mode is easily one of the best additions in Embark’s game-show shooter so far, but we’re yet to see how Ubisoft will handle the “1-life bomb mode.”

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In other gaming news, The Finals’ new Season 3 is giving us major Terminator vibes, and Black Ops 6 is destined to be another “DLC” for the dreaded Call of Duty HQ app.

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