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Verdansk may finally return to Warzone, and is Fortnite responsible?

We've been longing for the return of Verdansk in Warzone, and Fortnite is reportedly a key reason for its alleged Call of Duty resurrection.

Warzone Verdansk: An image of the Verdansk map in Call of Duty Warzone.

When it comes Warzone, you can’t escape the legacy of Verdansk. This map gave us endless memories at the launch of the Call of Duty battle royale game, and we’ve all been clamoring for it to return ever since it was nuked. Activision could finally answer our beck and call after the launch of Black Ops 6, and we may have Fortnite to thank for its return.

According to a report from Insider Gaming, it claims that sources close to the outlet “have since revealed that Verdansk was never actually intended to return to Warzone, despite the previous rumors. Instead, there was a massive pivot in late 2023 due to Fortnite OG.” Since 2021, Verdansk has been missing from Warzone’s map rotation, with new locations like Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, Al Mazrah, and Urzikstan taking its place throughout the ongoing Call of Duty update cycle. But none of them hit like Verdansk. 

Fortnite OG resurrected Epic Games’ battle royale game‘s original map, alongside a loot pool that paid tribute to classic weapons and support items. It quickly became one of the most successful Fortnite updates in the multiplayer game‘s history, and it isn’t surprising that Activision is supposedly taking notes. The report further details that plans to release an all-new map known as ‘Avalon’ have been put on hold.

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During the Black Ops 6 Direct presentation during the Xbox Games Showcase, it was hinted that massive plans are in the works for Warzone – but Activision wasn’t ready to reveal them just yet. Despite in-depth looks at the game’s campaign and upcoming Zombies content, Warzone was intentionally left out of the presentation, as it is likely to appear during the Call of Duty NEXT showcase in August.

Maps like Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep have seen fresh life given to them in Modern Warfare 3, giving PS5 and Xbox players hope that this trend of revisiting older maps would eventually lead to Verdansk. Currently, Verdansk is only available in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, while the separate Call of Duty Mobile app includes an entirely different map to do battle within. There’s a lot of nostalgia riding on Verdansk’s shoulders, so if it does make an appearance in the future, Activision need to deliver the goods.

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