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New Honkai Star Rail Erudition Light Cone is a free Pure Fiction boost

The new Honkai Star Rail Light Cone, Eternal Calculus, is an excellent way to bolster your Erudition characters in Pure Fiction without spending big on PS5.

Honkai Star Rail new light cone Eternal Calculus: Kafka next to SAM

Honkai Star Rail has dished out a more comprehensive preview for its new five-star Erudition Light Cone, Eternal Calculus, ahead of its release on PS5 with version 2.3. Though it’s not exactly going to be bringing home the Stellar Jade in Memory of Chaos, the free cone will do you a solid in the game’s Pure Fiction mode.

Locked away in Herta’s shop, Eternal Calculus can be all yours by stumping up your Herta Bonds – presumably, it’ll set you back eight of the things as with the other cones in the store. While I wouldn’t recommend it over Cruising in the Stellar Sea and On the Fall of an Aeon if you’re still new to the RPG game – those cones are excellent free pick-ups – if you’re lacking Erudition options then don’t sleep on this one. This is especially the case if you’re missing Himeko’s premium cone, Night on the Milky Way, which this is very similar to.

While I won’t be able to test the cone until it arrives in the space game on Tuesday, June 18, its stats initially seem underwhelming. It offers up more ATK% than something like The Seriousness of Breakfast, though the DMG% on its four-star cousin cone typically scales better. However, when you consider its use case as a Pure Fiction cone, it’s still an incredibly attractive option as you’ll have pretty much permanent uptime on its effect, which increases ATK% for each enemy hit by a single attack. You might even be able to forego an ATK% rope in favor of an Energy Recharge Rate one considering just how much ATK% the cone offers when stacked (a whopping 52% at max Superimposition).

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At max Superimposition, Eternal Calculus will also provide a hefty 16% speed boost after bonking three enemies at once, which is great if you’re trying to maximize the number of actions your character can take within a turn. Obviously, it’s not ideal if your comp relies on specific speed tuning, but that’s not really the case with Himeko/Herta PF squads, so you’re good to go. Alongside Herta and Himeko, I expect the incoming Jade to also make excellent use of this cone in PF.

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