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Days Gone devs apologize for “false hope” as fans plea for PS5 sequel

Despite pleas for Days Gone 2 to exist, Bend Studios expresses its apologies as fans are given "false hope" for a PlayStation 5 follow up.

Days Gone 2: An image of Deacon St. John siting on his bike in Days Gone.

Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that Days Gone has a passionate group of PlayStation players stepping up to defend the Bend Studios title. The open-world zombie RPG wasn’t exactly a critical darling when it launched in 2019, but calls for Days Gone 2 to enter development are still persistent to this day.

Addressing the RPG game‘s players directly on social media, Bend Studios’ community manager Kevin McAllister expresses the developer’s apologies to the “Days Gone community for continuously getting fed false hope and poor information by people looking for likes. It’s not fair to you all.” McAllister’s message is a response to ongoing rumors that the divisive open world game had a sequel quietly in development, but this ultimately “all these type of headlines originate from previous developers, which puts us in a bad position.”

While Days Gone 2 is firmly off the table, McAllister does iterate that Bend Studios is “currently working on a new IP, and when we have actual news to share it will come from our studio.” However, for now, it is “time to move on” when it comes to seeing Deacon St. John hop aboard his motorcycle one more time. Alongside McAllister’s comments, Days Gone writer John Garvin has also given his perspective on the situation.

Days Gone 2: An image of Bend Studios community manager Kevin McAllister on social media platform X.

“Maybe in a couple of years when the IP is gathering dust, and they’re [Sony] sure they’re done with it, they’d license it to other devs. But again, not holding my breath,” Garvin says in a social media thread. Although a new PS5 game follow up isn’t coming, Garvin hopes that he might get the chance to continue the story in other mediums: “If nothing else I’d love to write a novel or graphic novel so at least you fans would get closure to the cliffhanger.”

I get it. It sucks when you love a game that has potential under the surface, or an underrated gem that you consider one of the best games ever, only for a sequel to never see the light of day. Don’t even get me started on the fate of the canceled Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3+4 remake, or how Gotham Knights was good and deserved more (yes, you read that right). Like them, Days Gone 2 will remain on the pile of forgotten games.

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