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The new Xbox consoles are an almighty, all-digital push from Microsoft

An all-digital Xbox Series X is finally being added to Microsoft's hardware line-up, and it's clear the new Xbox consoles are trying to get you to drop discs.

New Xbox consoles Series X|S all-digital: Indiana Jones wearing a brown hat next to the new all-digital Xbox Series X

The big Xbox Games Showcase was an absolute banger, filled to the brim with exciting exclusives and tantalizing triple-A titles that the publisher hopes will finally not only push its Game Pass subscription needle, but will revitalize its paltry hardware sales. Though the rumored ‘pro’ versions of the Xbox Series X|S are nowhere in sight, Microsoft has revealed a trio of new Xbox consoles as a mid-gen refresh that are set to arrive this holiday season. By the looks of things, Xbox’s all-digital future is creeping closer.

Soon, you’ll be able to play all the new Xbox games that are set to drop on the all-digital 1TB Xbox Series X, a Robot White version of the 1TB Xbox Series S, and a ‘special edition’ 2TB Series X that has a snazzy, speckly ‘Galaxy Black’ finish. Evidently, Microsoft’s not bowing out of the console game this gen despite its hardware sale woes, even if it’s staving off bumping up the specs.

Considering Xbox’s continued efforts to minimize the physical distribution of its latest Xbox exclusivesHellblade 2 being the most recent example of this – it’s a surprise that we’re only now getting an all-digital Series X. The second-hand market is the natural enemy of infinite growth enjoyers, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the production of physical Series X consoles slow in favor of its digital sibling as we enter the final years of the current Xbox generation.

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While it’s nice to see a Robot White version of the Series S is on the way, confusingly Xbox is making it sound like the Carbon Black version of the console could be on the way out. According to the Xbox Wire article, you can still snag one “while supplies last” – weird wording, to say the least.

As for the Galaxy Black 2TB Series X, you’ll want to get your payment card of choice ready because it’ll only be available “in limited quantities in select markets.” You can check out how much each console will set you back below.

  • Xbox Series S 1TB in Robot White – $349.99/€349.99
  • Xbox Series X 1TB Digital Edition – $449.99/€499.99
  • Xbox Series X 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition – $599.99/€649.99

Though pre-order, market availability, and regional pricing info aren’t currently available, Xbox says that it’ll be dropping the deets “soon.” At the very least, the all-digital Series X will initially save you $50 compared to its disc-based counterpart. That being said, once you start wheeling and dealing on the second-hand market you’ll most likely save more with a disc drive model over time. To each their own, I suppose.

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