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Valorant Episode 7 release date, Battle Pass, Team Deathmatch, more

The Valorant Episode 7 release date is getting closer, so here's everything we know about the update coming to Riot Games' FPS game on PC.

Valorant Episode 7 release date: Brimstone

When is the Valorant Episode 7 release date? Valorant is soon to enter its seventh Episode, which should bring with it a slew of new tweaks and changes to various parts of Riot Games’ hit shooter, along with new agents, maps, and content.

Of course, with each new Valorant Episode comes a Valorant ranks reset, meaning players will have to be on their best competitive FPS game, arm themselves with their best Valorant crosshairs, and take to the grind to return to their former rank and then some. Below you’ll not only find the Valorant Episode 7 release date, but everything else we know about the upcoming update so far.

Valorant Episode 7 release date

The Valorant Episode 7 release date is Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Traditionally, as one Battle Pass comes to an end, another begins. The current Battle Pass ends on June 26, heavily indicating that this will be the date that Riot drops the new update, keeping in-line with its Tuesday update cycle.

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Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass

Riot has yet to confirm the contents of the Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass. However, you can expect the usual suite of Valorant skins, sprays, and other cosmetic goodies will be up for grabs.

Valorant Team Deathmatch mode

Game director Andy Ho confirmed in a recent dev diary that the Valorant Team Deathmatch mode will finally be playable “with the launch of Episode 7”.

“It’ll be a fast-paced mode featuring tactical gunplay,” Ho says, “with weapons across the arsenal, agents and their abilities, and new maps built specifically for the mode.”

That’s right, Valorant’s take on Team Deathmatch is coming complete with brand new Valorant maps. The Valorant Team Deathmatch maps are a fresh take on some fan favourites, ensuring a fresh experience that will also be familiar.

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As for the gameplay itself, a Valorant Team Deathmatch game requires teams to score 100 kills first. Matches last a maximum of 9 minutes and 30 seconds, and are divided into four different stages. During each stage of the game, weapon loadouts are switched up – no need to worry about your econ.

Should you die, then don’t worry, as you won’t be out of the action for long. Players respawn every 1.5 seconds, ensuring you have plenty of time to get yours. To help you out, weapon spawners, as well as a mixture of recovery and ultimate orbs will also spawn periodically.

For the full lowdown on everything coming in the new mode, check out Riot’s full explainer here.

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Valorant Episode 7 progression changes

In Episode 7, Riot says that players will now be able to unlock accessories from previous Battle Passes. Meanwhile, tweaks are being made to the ways which players unlock agents and their contract items.

You can check out the full list of changes here, or take a look at the video brief below.

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And that’s everything we have for now on the Valorant Episode 7 release date. Be sure to check back in the weeks leading up to the release window for more updates on what’s arriving in the new episode. In the meantime, find out when the next Valorant Night Market is going to be opening up. You might find something to your taste in there.