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Visions of Mana will mana-fest on PS5 and Xbox this August

The Visions of Mana release date for PS5 and Xbox will finally end the 17-year wait for a new mainline Mana game, and it's not far away.

Visions of Mana release date: an orange-haired boy next to a sly-looking rabbit man wearing gold jewellery

After nearly two decades without a mainline Mana game, Square Enix has finally announced the Visions of Mana release date for PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. So mark your calendars because, on Thursday, August 29, you’ll be joining Val and Hinna’s journey to the Mana Tree.

Of course, such a momentous occasion couldn’t simply be conveyed through a press release, so Square’s prepared a brand-new ~four-minute trailer for the RPG game. Okay, launch date trailers are common practice, but still, let me give it some gusto.

The trailer itself offers a cracking little introduction to the new PS5 game and new Xbox game’s overarching narrative beat, core characters, and the various beasties we’ll be able to take on throughout our adventure. There’s also a sneak peek at the various combat and exploration mechanics at play. Honestly, if you need a brief primer before diving in, this is it.

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Square has certainly upped the ante with Visions of Mana’s marketing this year. Back at January’s Xbox Developer Direct, we got our first proper look at what developer Ouka Studios has been whipping up in the gameplay department, with a ‘Summer 2024’ release window then slapped on it.

Earlier this month I reported on a leak from ‘Midori’ that stipulated Visions of Mana would be released later in the summer due to multiplatform development complications, and it certainly can’t get much later than this. Tucked away at the very end of the season, Visions of Mana is arriving just in time to earn its ‘summer blockbuster’ stripes. Close call.

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