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Could we finally get a Killing Floor 3 launch date in a few hours?

Tripwire Interactive will unveil a gory slice of Killing Floor 3 action soon, and it could finally give us the game's launch date.

Killing Floor 3 launch date: An image of a Crypt in Killing Floor 2.

The Killing Floor games, with their high-octane action thrills, unlock something primal in me, and it’s a feeling that I’m hoping continues with Killing Floor 3. Tripwire Interactive’s upcoming entry into the zombie slaying franchise will give PS5 and Xbox owners a fresh dose of gameplay soon, but could this extended look also reveal the Killing Floor 3 launch date? Fingers crossed.

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, you can tune into the PC Gaming Show to get a brand-new look at Killing Floor 3, which promises to be one of the biggest slices of gameplay yet. However, we’re still starved of the Killing Floor 3 release date, but I’m hopeful this will be the moment it is confirmed. A few weeks ago, a recent financial report for Tripwire Interactive’s parent company Embracer circled March 2025 as a potential release window for the zombie game sequel.

Interestingly, Killing Floor 3 didn’t make an appearance at Summer Game Fest, but there is still a chance it could pop up as a surprise new Xbox game at the June Xbox Games Showcase. Nevertheless, Tripwire Interactive teases on social media that its upcoming presentation will give PS5 and Xbox fans a “detailed look at Killing Floor 3 gameplay”, and also teases a considerably intimidating enemy that is sure to rip apart players into tiny pieces.

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Each entry in the underrated FPS game franchise has introduced some extremely gnarly baddies, with Specimens like the Rioter, Fleshpound, and Scrake proving to be some of the toughest foes in Killing Floor 2’s roster. What I’m really hoping for, though, is another incredible soundtrack consisting of nu-metal and djent bangers.

Similar to the DOOM games, the previous Killing Floor games dial up the atmosphere to 11 with a selection of face-melting guitar infused tracks, taking each action set pieces up an extra notch.

Thanks to these games, I’ve added bands like Demon Hunter into my Spotify rotation on a daily basis – and you’ll be doing it soon too. However, it seems like the developer is leaning on a more EDM influenced vibe for Killing Floor 3, as new soundtrack snippets continue to be released. Don’t get me wrong, I love a touch of synthy goodness (I’m looking at you Ghostrunner 2), but nothing compares to smashing zombies up with a 7-string guitar blaring in the background.

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