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Xbox reportedly set to reveal DOOM The Dark Ages at June Showcase

The return of the Doom Slayer is allegedly on the cards as a new report claims that Xbox will unveil DOOM The Dark Ages at the Xbox direct.

Doom The Dark Ages Xbox Showcase: An image of the doom slayer in Doom Enternal.

DOOM Eternal was so damn good, wasn’t it? Well, the time to rip and tear could be back with a bang soon, as Xbox and developer iD Software is reportedly getting ready to reveal DOOM The Dark Ages, a medieval spin on the acclaimed FPS franchise. And you won’t have to wait too long, as it is supposedly coming to the June Xbox Showcase.

According to a new report from Insider Gaming, iD Software will lift the lid on its forthcoming FPS game during the Xbox Showcase on Sunday, June 9, 2024. Coming four years after the studio’s critically acclaimed hell-tastic shooter DOOM Eternal, it is claimed that DOOM The Dark Ages will take on a different aesthetic inspired by medieval warfare. However, it is unknown how this will manifest across the game’s plot.

What we do know is that it all sounds very much like Sam Raimi’s excellent Evil Dead entry, Army of Darkness. If there’s a recipe for success for a new Xbox game in the franchise, then it is certainly mixing medieval hijinks with the ripping and tearing of our beloved Doom Slayer. Rumors of a fresh installment into the DOOM franchise have been increasing in intensity over the last few months. Earlier this year, Bethesda registered a new trademark, ‘IDKFA’.

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If you’re a diehard fan of some of the best games in the shooter genre, then you’ll know that IDKFA is an iconic cheat code. It grants the player with full ammo, all keys, and all weapons to lay waste to anything in the Doom Slayer’s path. Following teases from The Verge that DOOM would appear in some capacity next month, Insider Gaming claims to have independently verified this as correct.

The DOOM games have been an absolutely smash hit for Bethesda and iD Software, with DOOM Eternal alone generating over $450 million in revenue within the first nine months of release. Quite the feat, eh? We’ll be curious to see how the next game picks up Eternal’s narrative, given that it ended in a tight spot for the Doom Slayer. At the end of the game’s Ancient Gods DLC, the Doom Slayer finally eliminates The Dark Lord, putting a definitive end to Hell’s invasion on Earth. This also completely incapacitates all The Dark Lord’s forces.

However, as a creation of The Dark Lord himself, the Doom Slayer is rendered unconscious and sealed inside a sarcophagus by Seraphs – a species akin to angels in DOOM lore. Despite how great DOOM Eternal is, the game is unfortunately soured by the alleged treatment of composer Mick Gordon.

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In an open letter addressing iD Software, Gordon says that studio director Marty Stratton “damaged my character and attacked my reputation.” This follows on from claims that iD Software refuse to pay Gordon’s outstanding fee for his work on the game, as well as passing off the mixing of its soundtrack to another employee.

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