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The Finals Season 3 unleashes Dual Katanas in the new Kyoto 1568 map

Your first look at The Finals Season 3 takes the action to feudal Japan in the brand-new Kyoto 1568 map, with fresh epic gadgets to use too.

The Finals Season 3: An image of a Samurai with Dual Katanas in The Finals Season 3 trailer

The wait for The Finals Season 3 pays off with your first look at Embark’s next major update, as the first trailer arrives courtesy of Summer Game Fest. This time, you and your fellow contestants are ditching the future behind for a dash of feudal Japanese warfare, and there’s a whole new cast of gadgets and weapons debuting in The Finals’ arsenal. Oh, and did we mention you can wield Dual Katanas?

Yes, wreaking havoc in The Finals’ dazzling arenas is about to get dicey, as Embark reveals five fresh additions to your inventory. To combat those pesky Light class players backstabbing you with the Dagger or Sword, the hit FPS game will grant Medium class contestants the chance to unlock Dual Katanas that can efficiently deal multiple strikes with devastating momentum. Not only are they effective at cutting down your foes, but they can also deflect bullets by engaging a defensive stance. It is as badass as it sounds.

The Heavy class isn’t left out of the fun, though, as the Spear arrives into your inventory too. An evolution of the multiplayer game’s Sledgehammer, the Spear offers a long-range stab that is quick to deploy and can be spun up to cover a large portion of the battlefield.

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You’ll be trading damage for mobility here, but I’d argue that is a fair compromise given how slow the Heavy can be. However, if you combine it with the Winch Claw gadget, you’ll easily crush your enemies. This gadget operates similarly to Scorpion’s chains in NeverRealm’s gory fighting game Mortal Kombat 1, as it can pull objects and players toward you, leaving enemies stunned too.

Here’s a full rundown from Embark Studios of what you can expect to wield in The Finals Season 3:

  • RECURVE BOW — a new weapon for LIGHTS: a high-skill, medium- to long-ranged bow that shoots arrows in a curved arc. Its range and damage increase the further back the bowstring has been drawn
  • THERMAL BORE — a new gadget for LIGHTS: a long-range, high-cooldown, tactical breaching gadget, that’s best used to breach walls, buildings, and other obstacles from a distance, to open up pathways or sightlines for you and your team. Perfect in combination with a long-range weapon
  • DUAL KATANAS — a new melee weapon for MEDIUMS: its primary attack is a fast, multi-strike combo with wide reach and forward momentum. It can also charge a lunge attack and deflect incoming bullets in a defensive stance.
  • SPEAR — a new melee weapon for HEAVIES: its primary attack is a fast long-range stab. It can also be spun up to cover a wider area. It deals less damage than the Heavy’s Sledge Hammer but is decidedly more nimble
  • WINCH CLAW — a new specialization for HEAVIES: launches a chain that pulls objects or enemies toward you, briefly stunning them, making it a perfect companion to the new Spear. Requires tactical use, accuracy, and skill

Of course, the main highlight is the initial look at Kyoto 1586, the next The Finals map heading to the game’s playlists. According to Embark, this map boasts “a network of interwoven 16th-century temples, gardens, and dense bamboo forests”, providing a stark contrast against maps like Skyway Stadium or the neon-drenched SYS$HORIZON. PS5 and Xbox players can expect to navigate “intense terrain height variation, interconnected, layered buildings with hidden traversal options underneath, encourage free-flowing, fluid, and sneaky player movement.”

Terminal Attack is becoming a permanent staple going forward. The Search and Destroy-style mode provides a palpable dose of competitive chaos in The Finals, and that energy will persist as it will also join Ranked Leagues. Additionally, Embark will launch the new World Tour events series, which features unique events and tournaments to test your mettle. With ever-changing rules, loadouts, and rewards to earn, you can even nab yourself some Multibucks along the way. Crucially, the fate of Power Shift mode is yet to be determined, but it’d be a shame to see vaulted for a long time.

The Finals Season 3 begins on Thursday, June 13, 2024. Until then, you’ve still got plenty of time to finish off the Season 2 battle pass and your Masters Circuit challenges thanks to a currently active 10x XP boost.

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