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Info on Concord’s 6 game modes emerges after PlayStation Store slip-up

Concord will launch on PS5 with half a dozen game modes, and a PS Store description suggests that they've got big Call of Duty energy.

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Firewalk Studios’ upcoming PS5 hero shooter Concord will launch with six game modes, Sony has revealed, alongside 16 playable characters and 12 maps. Initial details on what these Concord game modes are have also been spotted on the Japanese PlayStation Store, and judging by their translated names and descriptions, fans of FPS icons like Call of Duty will feel right at home.

With Concord pre-orders going live today, June 6, Sony has released a new blog post outlining some more details about what you’ll get your hands on when the Concord release date arrives in August. While we already knew from menu screens shown during last week’s full reveal of the FPS game that there would be 16 characters, the details about maps and modes are fresh.

It’s a very solid amount of content to kick things off, and what’s even better is that any post-launch additions to the character roster, the map pool, or the playlist of modes will be totally free. Seeing as Concord is going down the (in our opinion) risky road of having a $40 price point like Helldivers 2, it’s encouraging to hear that future gameplay content won’t be paywalled in the new PS5 game.

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While the blog post doesn’t name or give any details on the six modes, Concord’s Japanese store page does – a tip of the hat to ‘Super’ over on ResetEra for spotting this. Take the following info with a small grain of salt, as even though we ran this through multiple translation tools to cross-reference, the translations may be slightly off and could be subject to change before launch.

The Concord game modes are:

  • Trophy Hunt – team up to hunt down opponents and collect tokens from defeated crews. The crew that collects the most points is the winner.
  • Takedown -points are awarded each round as players and their fellow crew members take down opposing Freegunners. The crew with the most points is the winner.
  • Area Control – the objective of this mode is to occupy and secure three zones on the map. The more zones you secure, the more points you earn and the closer your crew is to victory.
  • Signal Chase – teams work together to find and secure zones that occur in various parts of the map within a time limit. The team with the most points wins.
  • Crash Points – win by finding and defending designated zones or by taking out your opponent’s crews first.
  • Cargo Run – defend your valuable cargo from being stolen or take out your opponent’s crew.

While I’m sure there will be a few small twists, these modes are all recognizable for seasoned FPS players. Trophy Hunt sounds a lot like Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed mode, Area Control is clearly a cousin of shooter staple Domination, and Crash Points sounds like it has Search and Destroy elements.

When gameplay was first shown off last week, I’ve got to admit that I was struggling to get hyped about Concord – something Aaron also felt. While the PS5 exclusive looked slick (and with ex-Bungie, Respawn, and Treyarch devs at Firewalk, I imagine it will play just as slick as well) there wasn’t much that stood out to me as particularly original, exciting, or surprising. From a first glance, the game modes follow that trend, but I’ll reserve full judgement until I actually get hands-on in July with the beta.

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