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Killing Floor 3 will terrorize your PS5 and Xbox before April 2025

Killing Floor 3 was first announced last year, marking the beginning of the end of a near-decade wait for the PS5 and Xbox sequel.

Killing Floor 3 release window March 2025: two horrifying, fleshy beasties with weird visors

Killing Floor 3 has finally started showing signs of life in recent weeks, with developer Tripwire Interactive offering up sneak peeks of the Zed-slaying horror FPS – particularly its newest beasties. Though we’re still yet to get an exact Killing Floor 3 release window, parent company Embracer has given an update on the latest we can expect to see it arrive on PS5 and Xbox – March 31, 2025.

Having just dropped its latest financial report, Embracer is looking to ship “more than 70 projects” between now and the end of the current financial year. Though the besieged conglomerate has shipped off makers of some of the best games like Saber Interactive and Gearbox Entertainment in recent months to help balance the books, that’s still a ton of new PS5 games, new Xbox games, and more to come.

Most crucial of all, at least in the context of this article, is Tripwire’s gruesome FPS game. After receiving a gory announcement trailer last year, the nearly decade-long wait for the sequel to 2016’s hit co-op game was finally starting to come to an end. “A key assumption for our view of the [financial] year is that two key releases, Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 and Killing Floor 3, within PC/Console, will reach the market successfully, largely in line with Dead Island 2 and Remnant 2” Embracer says, confirming the current Killing Floor 3 release date window.

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In recent weeks Tripwire has been putting out short reveal teasers for the new Zeds coming to Killing Floor 3, namely the Cyst and Scrake. Last week, the Killing Floor 15th Anniversary Developer Diary allowed us to peer behind the Tripwire curtain, as the team spoke on its high-level goals for Killing Floor 3 while briefly showcasing very early footage of the game. We’re only talking grey box stuff here, but it’s still incredibly cool to see how each layer has come together over time.

Though we’re still no closer to a concrete date, I’m elated that we shouldn’t be waiting too long now for the horror game to materialize. Killing Floor 2 remains one of my favorite games to wile away the hours with friends, and the upcoming sequel’s reveal trailer really does look like Tripwire’s going astronomically big on it. With both a rumored PlayStation showcase as well as Summer Game Fest on the way, I can imagine it won’t be long before the studio throws open the kitchen doors so we can get a better look at what it’s been cooking up.

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