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Off The Grid release date window, story, gameplay

Here is the Off The Grid release date, as well as an overview of the story and gameplay of the game that is hitting PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Off the Grid release date: Characters from Off the Grid in front of a purple/pink background

When is the Off The Grid release date? If you are looking for when the Off The Grid release date is, we got your back. This new battle royale promises to innovate the scenario and bring a fresh experience.

With huge names behind the game, such as Neill Blomkamp, the director of the movies District 9 and Chappie, as well as Richard Morgan, author of the Altered Carbon book series, Gunzilla, the studio behind Off The Grid, wants to create a massive cyberpunk world. But, will it have a chance of becoming one of the best battle royale games available on consoles and PC?

Off The Grid release date window

Off The Grid’s release date is set for 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PCRecently, the PlayStation Store listing for the game was updated with screenshots and a trailer, before being promptly removed, indicating an announcement is coming.

Since the studio hasn’t shared when they are planning on releasing the game this year, we can only wait for the next update from them to know more about it. This is Gunzilla’s first game and the studio promises to share news about it in the coming months.

However, while the screenshots from the PlayStation Store have been removed, you can still take a look at them thanks to Gematsu’s tweet. Visually, the game looks pretty great in the captures, and the futuristic setting is certainly eye-catching.

The game won’t be released on last-gen consoles, hopefully meaning that Gunzilla Games can take advantage of the hardware within the PS5 and the Xbox Series consoles.

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Off The Grid story

So far, there isn’t a lot of information regarding what Off The Grid’s story is about or specific details on the world itself. We can, however, speculate about the game’s story based on the team behind it and what was shown in a couple of short videos.

First, we should consider the names behind the worldbuilding of the game. Since Neill Blomkamp and Richard Morgan have great cyberpunk stories under their belts, we can expect to see Off The Grid’s narrative discussing social inequalities, the strong presence of companies in the world, the absence of institutions securing people’s rights, and the role technology plays in the world.

Off The Grid Release Date: A person can be seen

While we can assume, based on the two stories shared by the Gunzilla team, that confrontations happen, most of the time, in areas distant from the big cities, we can guess players take the role of mercenaries in Off The Grid. Since there is no good nor evil side but only money when it comes to how most mercenaries work in fictional cyberpunk worlds, it’s difficult to know the reason each side is fighting for. Some of them could be only taking orders from their bosses, while others chose this life to hide from other problems.

In Off The Grid’s world, board members of big companies are only the face of a more complex system managed by artificial intelligence. Even so, they have an important role and they use their money and influence to call the shots. Keeping the profits and the secrets of the companies safe is their ultimate goal, so they use every tool at their disposal to do so. But when things get a little out of control, they hire mercenaries to run dirty jobs such as disposing of a specific target.

Off The Grid release date: A character can be seen

Off The Grid gameplay

Even though the studio behind the game promised a new experience in terms of battle royales, the format is not that new so we can expect a large map where players face each other. In Off The Grid, each match has 150 players participating and they can either fight other players just as in more traditional battle royale games or engage with the game’s PvE content which takes the form of missions that progress the game’s storyline.

While we don’t know if the Gunzilla team is putting their own spin on designing the game’s gunfight, we can assume, from the animations shared by them, that players can find a large arsenal of weapons and equipment in the game. From the usual pistols and machine guns to high-tech shields and swords, Off The Grid has a weapon for each play style. We can also expect to see vehicles in the game that players can either drive or may need to attack in order to complete a mission.

Considering this is a cyberpunk game, players probably have access to body enhancement technologies. For example, in one of the trailers, we can see a character with mechanical legs that allow him to jump higher than a regular human, escaping from mines placed by the enemy and a character who shoots a missile from their forearm. Since enhancing a character involves acquiring and using different technologies, it might be related to the crafting, customization, and trading systems that Gunzilla said are part of the game.

This is all we know about the Off The Grid release date, the game’s story, and its gameplay. If you want to warm up and improve your skills until the game is released, you should check our list of the best PS5 multiplayer games, and pick one to start playing.