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Destiny 2 Season 19 release date, story, new activities

Here's all the latest information on the Destiny 2 Season 19 release date, as well as everything we know about the story ahead of Lightfall's release

destiny 2 season 19 release date 3 guardians in the new city

Destiny 2’s Season 19 marks the last season before Bungie releases it’s next big expansion in the form of Lightfall. That means we’re bound to see some big changes coming to the game when the Destiny 2 Season 19 release date rolls around.

The Destiny 2 Season 19 release date is going to bring some heavy story beats with it, as Bungie set up for Lightfall, and we might even see changes to classes ahead of the new subclass being added in the expansion. Below, you’ll find everything we know about when Season 19 start and ends, as well as what you can expect from the story.

Destiny 2 Season 19 release date

Destiny 2 Season 19 will launch on December 6, 2022. This date is tentatively based on when the Destiny 2 Season 18 Battle Pass ends, which almost always marks the start of the next season and its Battle Pass. Season 19 itself will likely run from December 6 until February 28, 2023, which is when the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion drops.

Destiny 2 Season 19 story

Information on Destiny 2’s Season 19 is light on the ground right now, but we know that it’s going to be bombastic. Seeing as it’s the last season before the launch of the Lightfall expansion, we can expect it to set up the epic showdown between the Guardians, Callus, and The Witness that Lightfall looks to focus on. We might even get to glimpse the new city and race teased for release in Lightfall. Things are set to get spicy, that’s for sure.

The final story cutscene of Season 18, Season of Plunder, teased such a revelation for the first time in-game. With Eramis and the threat of Nezarec largely done for now, Mithrax used his powers as a Splicer to transform the relics we’ve been hunting all Season long to create a substance capable of reawakening Osiris at long last. The wise Osiris reveals that, following his possession by Savathun and subsequent coma, he has been privy to her greatest fears and knowledge. Crucially, Osiris speaks of a power hidden on Neptune that only Savathun had been aware of until now.

The power Osiris speaks of likely refers to Strand, the new Darkness power coming in the Lightfall expansion. It had long been speculated that Osiris, along with the mysterious new Cloud Striders, would help the Guardian discover and master this new Darkness power, so Osiris’ return at the end of Season 18 came just in time to set up our adventures further into the stars in search of powerful new abilities, and possibly even more powerful allies on the horizon.

That’s everything we know about the Destiny 2 Season 19 release date and story. For more Destiny 2, you can read our Lightfall reveal trailer analysis, or you can find out the best weapons to use in PvP.