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The Finals Season 3 endangers your wallet with major store tweak

The Finals Season 3 patch notes have brought with them over 100 changes to the money-making FPS, and you can now cash in on your favorite cosmetics as you wish.

The Finals Season 3 patch notes store change: a player using a bow and arrow next to a masked shinobi

The Finals Season 3 has arrived, and with it the latest round of The Finals patch notes for PS5 and Xbox. While the new update’s 16th Century Kyoto theming is incredibly exciting in itself, developer Embark has implemented a big change to the store that ensures you can drip yourself out with cosmetics from past bundles, without having to invest in the whole thing.

That’s right, tucked away towards the bottom of the comprehensive list of tweaks, fixes, and new additions, Embark has “enabled single-item purchases for bundles from previous seasons” of the FPS game. Now, whether you’re after that swanky, light-up ten-gallon hat from the Neon Nightslinger Set, or want to update your wardrobe with the Nocturnal Wisdom Wise-Wing Jumper, you have full control over your shopping spree.

This is a huge W from Embark, and it’s a system I can’t remember seeing in many other multiplayer games that heavily deploy FOMO to shift skins and other cosmetics. I remember waiting an entire year to get the RGX flicky knife in my Valorant shop, and I barely spent a penny in that time out of (petulant) protest. Though I can understand the lure of timed exclusivity to spike sales, offering players agency over their purchases simply sits better with me. Hopefully, the tweak proves profitable for Embark and potentially paves the way for more studios to follow suit.

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Whether as a sacrificial lamb to materialize the store change, or simply because it wasn’t working as intended, Embark has switched up the way you pay for The Finals’ Season Starter Packs. Whereas before you could pick up the pack for 1,150 Multibucks, you’ll now have to stump up $10 for the privilege. This is certainly a shame seeing as it was effectively three free skins and a sticker thanks to the 1,150 Multibucks it gave back, but it is clearly meant to function as a seasonal entry point for spending real bucks instead. Light boos.

You can check out the full The Finals Season 3 patch notes here. Before hopping in, be sure to also read up on Sam’s excellent The Finals Season 3 preview to get up to speed with everything new.

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