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Get your Suicide Squad XP boost as there’s just 4 days until Season 2

The wait for Suicide Squad Season 2 is nearly over, and now you can finish off the battle pass with a tasty Suicide Squad XP boost.

Suicide Squad Season 2: An image of Harley Quinn smiling in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

It has been an interesting couple of months for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League players, and that feels like an understatement. While the future beyond Kill the Justice League year one is uncertain, we’re now just four days away from the launch of Suicide Squad Season 2. To make sure you’ve claimed every possible reward on the current battle pass, PS5 and Xbox players can now enjoy a temporary Suicide Squad XP boost.

The XP boost recently went live within Rocksteady’s heavily divisive multiplayer game, and should make the otherwise grueling grind less of a chore to get through. “All set for the weekend! Boost your battle pass with bonus XP,” confirms the Batman Arkham franchise developer in a new social media post. It is unclear when the XP boost will end, but judging by Rocksteady’s phrasing, we reckon it’ll only be available in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League until Monday, July, 1 2024 at the latest.

The Season 1 battle pass, like all future battle passes, will still be available though if you happen to miss out on completing it in time. With dwindling player counts due to enormously staggered mid-season content drops and a lack of communication about the game’s future, I’d be curious to see just how many people have actually claimed all the cosmetics Rocksteady are offering. As someone that has gone to bat for the seemingly ill-fated co-op game heavily over the last few months, it is frustrating to see the game’s potential squandered.

Suicide Squad XP Boost: An image of the Kill the Justice League battle pass.

I’ve long defended Kill the Justice League’s satisfying combat, slick traversal, and best-in-class animations, all of which serve as a strong foundation for what could be (or could have been) a solid live-service shooter.

Yet, despite an arsenal of meticulously designed weapons based on DC villains and interesting multiverse lore, there just isn’t that much to do in Kill the Justice League right now. I can only rinse and repeat the same Incursion missions before even those get old on the hardest Mastery Level.

The next seasonal update, if the battle pass timer isn’t extended, meaning that Kill the Justice League Season 2 should launch on or around Wednesday, July 3, 2024. Season 2 promises to deliver on teases and leaks that suggest a multiverse variant of Mr. Freeze is joining the game’s roster, and if done right, this could be another wicked addition alongside the Joker. Because even if gameplay objectives are sparse, playing as the Joker has actually served as a shining of example of Rocksteady nailing what makes this game ridiculously fun at its best. Like many players, I need more of a reason to come back.

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