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Transformers Reactivate release date speculation, gameplay, more

Prepare for the robots in disguise to return to games, as developer Splash Damage brings us the Transformers Reactivate release date approaches.

Transformers Reactivate release date: Autobot holding up hand in front of humans looking up at him

When is the Transformers Reactivate release date? There are very few IPs and toys known as well as Transformers and many nostalgic fans will be excited when the Transformers Reactivate comes along. Before Transformers Battlegrounds back in 2020, the last console release for a Transformers game was in 2015 with Transformers Devastation.

In Transformers Reactivate, the Earth has already been taken over. With humanity on the brink of extinction, and absolute destruction happening globally, the only chance for the Earth to be saved is with the Autobots. It sounds like an exciting premise, and it’d be great to see a Transformers game land on our best PS5 games and best Xbox games lists when it comes out.

Transformers Reactivate release date speculation

The most likely Transformers Reactive release date is 2024 for PC and consoles, as a closed beta for the game is taking place at some point in 2023. As such, it makes sense for developer Splash Damage to use feedback from players for the full release.

While the exact consoles the game will launch on is currently unknown, we expect a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release based on the release window for the game. However, it may be on past-gen consoles too.

Transformers Reactivate gameplay

Transformers Reactivate is a 1-4 player online action game, created to be a cooperative experience by the team behind games like Dirty Bomb and Gears Tactics.

Details on the gameplay are sparse right now, with the first and only trailer for the game being completely cinematic. You can find the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Considering Splash Damage’s experience, we imagine that Transformers Reactivate will have a mix of action and shooting. We’re hoping that more details regarding the gameplay will be released as we get closer to the closed beta.

Autobots, it’s time to stand down for now until we learn more about the Transformers Reactivate release date. If you need something to play until we find out more about the game, check out the best PS5 co-op games or the best Xbox co-op games to keep you occupied.