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New Elden Ring patch notes let you ride Torrent into its final battle

Elden Ring patch 1.12 will let you take on the game's biggest battle alongside every Tanished's best friend, and there are plenty more QoL tweaks to enjoy.

Elden Ring patch notes 1.12: Messmer next to the Tarnished on Torrent

Elden Ring patch 1.12 has finally dropped, bringing with it the final tweaks and changes prior to the launch of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree on PS5 and Xbox. Though FromSoftware revealed much of its contents on social media last week, the Elden Ring patch notes for the update tucked away one particularly exciting quality-of-life addition – you can now ride Torrent during the base game’s final boss battle. Obligatory spoiler warning.

FromSoft previously announced five fresh hairstyles, alongside tweaks to menuing and the Summoning Pool would be coming to the already-legendary RPG game in patch 1.12. This was already a much-appreciated pre-Erdtree update, but I’m absolutely gassed to now know that I’ll be able to charge at the Elden Beast astride my magical steed like I’m Gandalf at Helm’s Deep.

I’m also interested to see if and how Torrent can be used to bypass certain mechanics in the fight – I can already imagine speedrunners having a field day with it…

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Naturally, there’ll be plenty of people online ready to disparage you for making use of your hooved homie to potentially make your life that little bit easier. The good news is that their opinion doesn’t matter, so if you wanna horse around in the finale of one of the best games of all time, go for it.

You can check out the full patch notes here. There are plenty of other significant balance changes to peruse, including PvP poise values and general skill damage. There’s also a rather chunky list of bugfixes which is nice to see, especially as FromSoft is undoubtedly looking to keep the launch of Shadow of the Erdtree as smooth as possible.

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