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Is XDefiant on Game Pass?

The upcoming competitive shooter is close to launching, so here’s if XDefiant will be on Game Pass for Xbox and PC players to enjoy.

XDefiant Game Pass: A soldier can be seen

It’s about time we got a new title that can rival Call of Duty, and XDefiant seems like an exciting FPS game. But for those of you worried about paying the full triple-A price for an entirely new IP, you may be wondering if XDefiant is on Game Pass.

Since the XDefiant release date is just around the corner, we’re hoping it can take a spot on our best FPS games list. Thankfully, we got a glimpse of the XDefiant best guns thanks to numerous beta periods, but we’re just as excited for the XDefiant classes to add an interesting mechanic to a COD-like shooter. But for those wanting to avoid paying out a big upfront cost, here’s if it’s on Xbox’s subscription service.

Is XDefiant on Game Pass?

No, the game isn’t on Game Pass since XDefiant is a free-to-play title, and as such, doesn’t require an upfront cost. The game will be free to play on Xbox and PC, as well as PS5 when it finally launches.

Since the game won’t cost you any money, you can play without needing your Xbox Game Pass subscription. However, since Ubisoft has had a few partnerships with Xbox before, there could be some interesting rewards for Game Pass subscribers every now and then.

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The Game Pass games library is obviously the main draw of the service, but every month a selection of interesting rewards is offered to subscribers. From trials for services like Apple Music to great rewards in free-to-play games like Smite or Vigor, there are plenty of great rewards, and it could be the case that Ubisoft offers some great cosmetics for Game Pass subscribers.

The Game Pass games library includes a lot of other shooters that you can play. These include DOOM, Quake, a large collection of Battlefield games, other Tom Clancy games like Wildlands and Rainbow Six Siege, and a lot more. If you do want to grab a subscription, even though XDefiant is free, you can get one below.

Thankfully, XDefiant may not be on Game Pass but at least it is free for all players to enjoy. And thanks to XDefiant crossplay, you can play with your friends on other platforms too. Before the game arrives, we recommend checking out the XDefiant best loadouts so you can get the knowledge on which guns to use when you finally play the game.