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2XKO kick-off could be as little as six months away on PS5 and Xbox

The 2XKO launch window may have shrunk based on a new report, offering hope that Riot's fighter won't leave us hanging for another year on PS5 and Xbox.

2XKO launch window early 2025 January: Illaoi with her tattoos next to Ekko holding up the arm of his clone

Though 2XKO has already been given a 2025 launch window, Riot has yet to reveal more specifically when we’ll finally be able to lock into the studio’s new League of Legends-themed fighter. According to a fresh report from industry insider Daniel ‘DanielRPK’ Richtman, we won’t have to wait too long into the new year on PS5 and Xbox.

Back in February’s ‘Year in Preview’ video, 2XKO executive producer Tom Cannon revealed that the fighting game will materialize next year. Since then, despite having seen a decent chunk of gameplay at this point, alongside the release of new character Illaoi at this year’s EVO event, Riot hasn’t quite been ready to commit to a more concrete window yet.

However, DanielRPK says that the 2XKO release date will arrive in “early 2025, likely January,” which certainly sounds plausible given the above. In the aforementioned preview, Cannon teased the potential for “at-home playtesting later this year.” Once public beta testing concludes and Riot confirms the multiplayer game is ready to go, I can imagine a proper release date will be set in stone shortly after.

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Should DanielRPK’s report be confirmed, then this is incredibly exciting stuff. It’s wild to think that it’s already been the best part of five years since we first saw 2XKO (then Project L), and we’re now so close to launch.

While I’m still not convinced by the co-op game’s name – I get it, but it doesn’t fill me with joy – I’m considerably more sold on the gameplay. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s looking pretty crispy. Riot’s also been putting out previews of its stage music over on YouTube, and I shouldn’t need to tell you how hard the studio’s music division consistently goes.

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