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New World release date, gameplay, price, and more

Everything there is to know about Amazon's New World MMORPG, including whether New World is coming to console.

When Amazon Game Studios announced it was making three new games in 2016, many were excited. But the road of development has been tough on Amazon, and of those three games, New World is the biggest success.

New World is Amazon’s take on the popular MMORPG genre and it’s full of all the things you’d expect: factions, touring parties, settlements, a comprehensive levelling system, and engaging combat. But while Amazon has certainly used some of the more traditional systems in MMORPGs, it’s also tried its hand at innovating new mechanics through its diverse world, full of fantasy and magic.

Its development has been less than straightforward though, so here is everything you need to know about New World.

New World release date

After a handful of delays, New World was released on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, only on PC but to a great reception. New World is likely coming to PS5 and Xbox in the future following the addition of extensive controller support paving the way for a console port.

Originally, New World was on track to launch in May 2020, before being pushed back to August 2021, and finally, to its September 2021 date. Naturally, this did cause some worry at the time, with many wondering how the final product would turn out.

New World release date: A four-person party looking up at a large spire shattering in the distance.

New World Price

Most MMO’s are subscription-based these days, but Amazon ignored that trend with New World. The standard version of the game New World costs $39.99 / £34.99 and the deluxe version costs $49.99 / £43.99.

While there isn’t a New World subscription fee to worry about, the MMO does have an expansion/DLC model, meaning you will have to pay for significant content updates.

New World release date: A wolf prowling outside a large, grand build at night,

New World gameplay

New World is an MMORPG set in the mid-1600s, with players expected to colonize a fictional land called Aeternum Island which is based on colonial America.

You compete for territories over a period of time, levelling up your character in the process. As you earn more experience and master more weapons, you have to overcome different challenges in Aeternum, some of which require you to team up with friends online.

To do that, you can join Guilds – or as they’re known in New World, companies – allowing you to develop chunks of the landscape into big towns. Through this process, you can purchase houses, which act as fast travel points, but beware: settlements can be attacked by rival companies.

There are also countless expeditions to experience in New World. These are quests that provide unique bits of gear, like armor and weapons, for you and your friends to use.

Expeditions also drop you crafting materials, which are vital to progress in New World. The game’s crafting system is fairly comprehensive with tons of skills to master.

Outside of skill mastery, you also have the chance to take part in PvP via an in-game faction system. There are also New World Wars, which are 50v50 skirmishes on a set part of the map.

It’s very much what you’d expect from a modern MMORPG, though its focus on PvP is somewhat refreshing.

Nevertheless, that’s all you need to know about New World, Amazon’s take on the MMO genre. If you’re up for a large multiplayer game packed with levelling, quests, and PvP, then New World could just be one of the best RPG games for you.