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Doom The Dark Ages isn’t Xbox exclusive, rip and tear on PS5 in 2025

From bone-crushing gattling weaponry to a wind-up chainsaw shield, Doom The Dark Ages is already looking like a dream prequel on PS5 and Xbox.

Doom The Dark Ages Xbox PS5 reveal: a giant Doom Slayer mech next to the Doom Slayer himself

Move over Kratos, because there’s a new fur cape-wearing god-slayer in town – and this one has Big Fucking Guns. That’s right, Bethesda has finally lifted the lid on Doom The Dark Ages, and Edna Mode would like to have a word with the Doom Slayer about his wardrobe when the game arrives in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Yes, you read that right, Microsoft isn’t locking down the Doom Slayer to its current-gen hardware.

You’ll be forgiven if you didn’t initially realize Doom The Dark Ages will have a multi-platform release – the Xbox Games Showcase reveal trailer only noted the Series X|S, as is customary. However, shortly after the grizzly new FPS game was unveiled, Bethesda uploaded its own version of the trailer, confirming that it will join the list of new PS5 games releasing next year alongside parent company Microsoft’s own latest and greatest machine.

Of course, there’s every chance there could be some sort of timed Xbox exclusivity – an early 2025 launch would still offer apt time to stick a six-month clause in there. But considering Xbox’s continually softening stance on letting its IPs go multi-plat (hello, Project Latitude), I’d be surprised to see it launch on PS5 later. Yes, Doom Eternal – one of the best games out there – spent an entire year on Xbox before PlayStation enjoyers were let at it, but the game launched before ZeniMax’s Microsoft acquisition so can’t necessarily be used as a measuring stick.

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As for my reaction to the new Xbox game trailer itself, let’s just say it’s a good thing I write my content because I’m still absolutely frothing at the mouth like a rabies-riddled dog. Between showcasing the Doom Slayer’s new look as well as his Captain America-style shield that doubles as a throwable chainsaw, I was initially in Heaven – well, Hell. Medieval Hell.

From there, things only got wilder and more metal, as we’re introduced to a skeleton-spewing gattling gun that’s powered by the crushed-up skulls of slain demons – whoever at id designed this needs to be given a Nobel Prize in something. The weapon designs are certainly based on old-school murder tools, but the studio’s given them a fresh lease on life.

As a further point of contrast between ye olde shablam sticks and modern methods of mulching monsters, we have mounts! Not only will we get to zoom around on a mech-winged wyrm, but we’ll also get to pilot a whole-ass Gundam and take part in Pacific Rim-style bouts. How’s that for fulfilling our wildest power fantasies?

Although the end of Mick Gordon’s involvement in the iconic series is still a sore spot, I’m truly hoping whoever fills his inordinately large shoes can do The Dark Ages justice. I’m already liking what I hear, though it’s going to be an uphill battle to get diehard Gordon heads on side.

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