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PS Summer Game Fest sale shaves 60% off complete Kingdom Hearts bundle

The new PS Store Summer Game Fest Sale knocks $60 off the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package on PS4 and PS5, offering the series' best entrypoint for a bargain.

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One sale Summer Game Fest: Sora next to the PS logo

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most confusing videogame series of all time when it comes to keeping track of its sprawling narrative. In trying to tame this beast, Square Enix has released multiple collections of various sizes over the years, across console generations. Fortunately, the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package arrived on PS4 (and PS5) in 2020, collating every game in the series up until that point and providing the ultimate entry point for newcomers who’ve been swept up in the growing Kingdom Hearts 4 hype. And from now until Thursday, June 20, to celebrate Summer Game Fest, it’s received a huge discount on the PlayStation Store.

Coming in at just $39.99/£35.99, a whopping 60% off, the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One offers up eight of the best RPG games out there, as well as two cutscene movies for the Nintendo DS game KH 358/2 Days and mobile game KH X.

‘DS? Mobile? What’s that all about?’ Well, for the uninitiated, Kingdom Hearts’ story was originally scattered across multiple platforms from mobile, to handheld, to full-size console, before gradually being compiled into more digestible, accessible collections. The older Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5/2.5 ReMIX and KH The Story So Far compilations are examples of this.

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If you’re still in a state of total confusion, I hear ya – this is what I’ve had to contest with for over 20 years. Fortunately, the AIO pulls everything into one place, leaving just one question mark – what’s the best order to experience some of the best games out there in? Don’t worry, I’ve got you (spoiler, it’s release order):

  • KH Final Mix
  • KH Re:Chain of Memories
  • KH2 Final Mix
  • KH 358/2 Days
  • KH Birth by Sleep Final Mix
  • KH Re:Coded
  • KH Dream Drop Distance HD
  • KH X Back Cover
  • KH 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage
  • KH3

Not listed are KH3’s Re Mind DLC and rhythm-based battler Melody of Memory. Both pieces of KH content dropped after the AIO Package landed, so you’ll have to invest in them separately if you want in. While Melody of Memory doesn’t really add anything lore-wise and ideally shouldn’t be played until after you finish KH3 anyway, Re Mind is an important bridge to the upcoming Lost Master Arc which is kicking off with the Kingdom Hearts 4 release date. Re Mind is also 60% off ($11.99/£9.99 ) until June 6, so I’d highly recommend snagging it while it’s on offer if you’re going all-in.

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