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Rumored Nintendo Switch-like Xbox Portable could be revealed soon

The Xbox Portable has been a big part of the Xbox rumor mill in recent months, and the Nintendo Switch-like console could be teased at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Xbox Games Showcase portable console Nintendo Switch

The big Xbox Games Showcase is just days away and what was already a bumper bill could get even juicier yet. Microsoft is not only preparing to shadow drop one of its new first-party Xbox games according to a fresh report, but it’s also apparently set to tease the new Xbox PortableNintendo Switch enjoyers, you might want to keep your eyes on this one.

Reliable insider ‘eXtas1s’ took to YouTube to report the revelations (translated to English from Spanish via Redditor ‘SkyOld5788), which if true would take what we’re already speculating to be a top-tier showcase of new Xbox games to a whole new level. Though the leaker doesn’t share which Xbox exclusive is going to drop during the event – the surprise lover in me is grateful for this – my initial thoughts echo the broader expectations online that it’s going to be something like Stoic Studio’s side-scrolling action-adventure game, Towerborne, rather than, say, Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC.

The more exciting possibility, though, is that Microsoft will finally offer a taste of what’s in store for its next-gen consoles. Back in February, I reported on a rumor that Xbox would launch two vastly different consoles in 2026 – one high-powered unit à la Xbox Series X, and a dockable portable like the Switch. Even at the time it didn’t sound like wild speculation considering Xbox boss Phil Spencer has openly shared his love for the Steam Deck and other portables in the past. As corroborative reports such as eXtas1s’ have slowly trickled in over the past few months, it looks like a dead cert to materialize in some capacity.

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Honestly, the timing couldn’t be better for Microsoft. With faith in the Xbox brand dwindling as the future of its first-party exclusives remains uncertain, compounded by its paltry hardware sales, the current generation of the storied gaming brand increasingly looks like a write-off. If this new Xbox Portable can tap into a much broader market, then we might finally see it begin to shift the units it’s failed to with the Series X|S.

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