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Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date, roadmap

Find out when the Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date is and what you can expect from the final main season for the game from Infinity Ward.

MW2 Season 6 release date: A soldier holding a weapon and aiming to the right. A calendar icon is tucked behind their arm.

When is the Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date? Yes, Season 6! Ahead of MW3’s launch, Infinity Ward is pumping out one last season for MW2 content. But, what can you expect? Well, here’s the latest information on the update ahead of the MW2 Season 6 release date.

As a part of the season, you can expect some changes to the MW2 best weapons and the best MW2 loadouts. But, we will first have to wait and see what nerfs and buffs are implemented and just how many new weapons we get in the new season. Here’s what you can expect from the next season of one of the best FPS games right now.

Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date

The Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date is Wednesday, September 27, 2023, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. This has been confirmed by Infinity Ward on the official Call of Duty blog.

This contradicts an earlier leak before the release of Season 5 on the Xbox Dashboard back in July 2023, which pointed towards September 21, 2023.

Past seasons typically end on a Wednesday, so it looks like Infinity Ward are sticking pretty closely to their usual release schedule for this final season. Considering the Reloaded update wasn’t too big in terms of new content for Season 5, Infinity Ward are holding a lot back for this season before the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release date. After all, it’s great to go out with a bang leading into the sequel.

Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 roadmap

The Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 roadmap includes:

  • Spawn, Al Simmons operators
  • Four new maps: La Casa (Core, launch), Koro Village (Core, launch), King (Gunfight, launch), Fight (Gunfight, launch)
  • Two map reskins: El Asilo, Embassy
  • Haunting modes: Hanunting Domination, Haunting Infected, Haunting Kill Confirmed, Haunting Grind, Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares
  • The Haunting Soul Capture event
  • Four new weapons: TR-75 Geist assault rifle, ISO 9mm SMG, Dual Kamas melee weapon, Doom Chainsaw
  • Possessed equipment: Sound Veil scream, Decoy Grenade
  • V4L3RIA Blackcell
  • New Ranked Play rewards
  • Skins and bundles in the store

The highlight of this update is the new maps with La Casa and Koro Village being the core offerings. The former is set in Las Almas Mexico and offers a dual-wing layout with large opulent rooms. Koro Village is actually a reskin of the Call of Duty 2 map “Toujane”. However, it’s way more wintry than it was previously.

King, one of the new Gunfight maps, is actually back from Modern Warfare (2019), while Fight is brand new. This map uses shoot houses to create a tense close-quarters environment.

Nevertheless, the final season before MW3 could drastically shake up the meta, potentially with a knock-on effect leading into the sequel. Since it’s been confirmed that the existing arsenal of MW2 weapons will be transferred into the upcoming game, it’s worth leveling these weapons up now so you can head into the sequel with a meta loadout right away.

That covers everything we know about the Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date. For even more on what is coming up soon in the series, check out our guide on Call of Duty MW3 zombies, the Call of Duty MW3 campaign, and all the Call of Duty MW3 maps and Call of Duty MW3 guns revealed so far.