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Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date, content, and more

Find out when the Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date was and what went down in the final season of Modern Warfare 2 on PS5 and Xbox.

MW2 Season 6 release date: A soldier holding a weapon and aiming to the right. A calendar icon is tucked behind their arm.

MW2 Season 6 was both one of the best seasons in the game’s life cycle and, ironically, one of the least-played – it was the last seasonal update the game received and heavily overlapped with the launch of MW3.

However, there were still loads of new potential candidates for our MW2 best weapons list, some Halloween content, great crossovers, new maps, and much more. While we’d be hard-pressed to call Modern Warfare 2 one of the best FPS games of this console generation, at least it went out with a bang thanks to Season 6.

When was Call of Duty MW2 Season 6?

The Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 release date was Wednesday, September 27, 2023, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The season concluded on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

As mentioned, this season overlapped with the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release date, which arrived on November 10.

Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 content

The new content added in Call of Duty MW2 Season 6 includes:

  • New crossover operators: Spawn, Alucard, Lilith, Inarius, Sardaukar, Skeletor, Ash Williams
  • New BlackCell operator: V4L3RIA
  • Four new maps: La Casa (Core), Koro Village (Core), King (Gunfight), Fight (Gunfight)
  • Two map reskins: El Asilo, Embassy
  • Haunting modes: Hanunting Domination, Haunting Infected, Haunting Kill Confirmed, Haunting Grind, Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares
  • The Haunting Soul Capture event
  • Four new weapons: TR-75 Geist assault rifle, ISO 9mm SMG, Dual Kamas melee weapon, Doom Chainsaw
  • Possessed equipment: Sound Veil scream, Decoy Grenade
  • New Ranked Play rewards
  • New skins and bundles in the store

The highlight of this update from a gameplay perspective was the new 6v6 maps of La Casa and Koro Village. The former is set in Las Almas, Mexico and offers a dual-wing layout with large opulent rooms. Koro Village is actually a reskin of the Call of Duty 2 map Toujane. However, it’s way more wintry than it was previously.

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King, one of the new Gunfight maps, was brought back from Modern Warfare (2019), while Fight was totally brand new. This map uses shoot houses to create a tense close-quarters environment.

Season 6 was also one of the best in CoD history when it comes to crossovers. With Halloween coinciding with this season, the likes of Skeletor (Masters of the Universe), Lilith (Diablo), and Ash Williams (Evil Dead) were all introduced as playable operators. The Doom series was also honored, as its iconic chainsaw was also added as a melee weapon.

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That covers everything you need to know about the Call of Duty MW2 Season 6. As this was the final season before Modern Warfare 3, be sure to dive into our guides on Call of Duty MW3 Zombies, the Call of Duty MW3 campaign, and all the Call of Duty MW3 maps in the game.