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Delta Force Hawk Ops set to give PS5 and Xbox players their Tarkov hit

The new look at Delta Force Hawk Ops flashes glimpses of action ripe for Tarkov fans, and an adaptation of Black Hawk Down to dive into.

Delta Force Hawk Ops: An image of the Black Hawk Down campaign in Delta Force Hawk Ops.

Carving out an identity in the FPS scene is hard, but Delta Force Hawk Ops might just be a sleeper hit waiting to strike with Escape From Tarkov style thrills. The brand-new entry into the Delta Force franchise will debut as a free-to-play shooter on PS5 and Xbox, but multiplayer skirmishes isn’t all the Team Jade FPS is packing. Ridley Scott fans, your time is now, as the game will also feature a campaign adaptation of Black Hawk Down.

We didn’t have an FPS game recreation of Scott’s acclaimed 2001 war drama on our Summer Game Fest bingo card, either. But that’s exactly what the Team Jade is cooking, as a recent statement from the studio explains that its “exciting recreation of the classic Delta Force campaign mode sees a return to Mogadishu to participate in the events of the 2001 Black Hawk Down movie.” Furthermore, this unexpected adaptation will feature “characters and likenesses from the film”, while acting as a fully fledged remaster of the original Delta Force Black Hawk Down title.

Regarding Hawk Ops’ multiplayer game modes, the game’s gritty brand of PvP firefights will place PS5 and Xbox players into intense scenarios akin to the Escape From Tarkov franchise. Havoc Warfare mode is all about gathering a large team to battle opponents across gigantic maps, all of them featuring an array of vehicles like tanks and military aircraft to pilot. If you’re looking for something with a decidedly stealthier and tactical flavor, then Hazard Operations is likely to scratch that itch for you.

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“Squad up and take on rival teams and marauding AI-controlled mercenaries and Royal Guards in Hazard Operations, the most tactical take on the popular extraction genre to date,” claims Team Jade in the new statement. Aside from gunfights and strategic plays to get out alive, the developer adds that “random events across huge maps will keep players on their toes, while challenging PvE-focused missions can be completed for valuable loot.”

With no Escape From Tarkov console release date in sight, and Gray Zone Warfare still eons away from PS5 and Xbox debut, Delta Force Hawk Ops may swoop into that space early. While a release date is still to be confirmed by Team Jade, the shooter will head into a PC alpha stage in July. We reckon that console players will get their taste of Hawk Ops mayhem shortly after.

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